Things I Like – January 22, 2021

Being able to do outside yard work in JanuaryThat my wife is an overachieverWhen a backup quarterback comes in and does wellFeeling organized (even if it’s a stretch)Reading an article about a subject I know nothing aboutBread that does not overwhelm a sandwichMy son’s light eyesCatching up with a friendKids giggling in the distanceWatching a… Read more »

Things I Like – January 15, 2021

Mondays after a Ravens winWhen the last Christmas decoration is put awayLearning something new about the areaTeacher who show how much they careStepping into a warm house on a cold dayRandomly bumping into a friend in an unexpected placeRemote start on an early morningProud wearers of eye glassesWorking outside without my phoneWarm peanutsA night fog

Things I Like – January 1, 2021

When gratitude is sincereWatching a snowy football game in my homeThe burnt ends at Annabelle’sRealistic New Year’s resolutionsGiving giftsReceiving giftsPacking shorts for a vacationWhen numbers confirm an opinionFacebook birthday wishes from old friendsWhen locals open a new businessLong weekends off this time of year

Things I Like – December 18, 2020

When a snow storm misses our areaThe sound of the carriage rides in BerlinLooking forward to vacationing againOld childhood photosWorking on a rainy MondayThick coffee mugsWhen my work desk is clearPersonalized photo calendarsSeeing a kid reading for pleasureOld storm picturesFresh flowers in a house

Things I Like – December 11, 2020

When a kid learns from a mistakeWhen the Ravens play at nightNot judging people by his or her coverGood steamed crabs in DecemberClean public rest roomsWhen a preconceived notion is wrongSpring-like December daysPeople who keep their cars cleanReading my stepdad’s old editorialsDown comfortersChecking on my kids before bed

Things I Like – December 4, 2020

Spotting a rainbow while driving People who lead by exampleA black-and-white business cardA well-organized garageOne-hour fog delays (not two)Reading about the stock market each dayHow long a pot of chili lastsAll the houses in Berlin decorated for the holidaysWarming up my wife’s car in the morningCourt case documentariesAcoustic versions of songs

Things I Like – November 27, 2020

Fresh air after removing a maskSupportive teammates on a youth teamWhen history repeats itselfBerlin’s holiday lights contest conceptBlue sky afternoons after a cloudy morningLeftovers that last a weekendA moving church sermonWhen my tween falls asleep earlyDefinitive survey resultsA weekend break from social mediaSuccessful virtual fundraisers

Things I Like – November 20, 2020

Kids bonding through sportsRemembering when I could sleep through a stormCheeseburgers hot off the grillThe North Face jacketsNew shoes that feel oldA night game so riveting I have a hard time falling asleepWhen both kids fall asleep earlyHearing good news from a friendA pile of red and brown leavesStaying off a computer on the weekendComing… Read more »

Things I Like – November 13, 2020

Hanging holiday lights on a warm dayNot using salt when cookingTwo dogs pulling on a ropePeople born on Leap DayThe show, “The Walking Dead”Sleeping with two pillowsWhen both my kids wake up on their own on a school dayA must-watch show referralLittle ones with lots of questionsMessy weather football gamesBeing sore from yard work