Things I Like – June 8, 2018

A week without weather extremes When the Ravens visit local schools Historical documentaries At least one morning a week with no time schedule The look of an old barn in a field When my kids look out for each other Rapa scrapple Early morning peace and quiet at home Big puffy clouds and a blue… Read more »

Things I Like – June 1, 2018

Living at the beach and not working Memorial Day weekend Steam coming off a pile of crabs Chilled asparagus Close playoff games Handwritten notes from my kids A drastic temperature change after a storm Crushed ice with a fountain drink A/C on a humid day Being able to bike to work Smell of a towel… Read more »

Things I Like – May 25, 2018

Kid sleepovers Nothing but seafood for dinner Biking around Berlin with my son A hammock nap Fried chicken for the beach Small live music venues Brick sidewalks Constructive criticism An empty dishwasher Hearing an old typewriter at work Sports radio every morning

Things I Like – May 18, 2018

Smell of an old book A week without drastic weather swings Guacamole Short, productive phone calls Seeing my kids try a new food and liking it Flip flop weather People watching in a hotel lobby Ocean sounds in a conch shell A group of kids doing the “floss” Night pool swimming Smell of a new… Read more »

Things I Like – May11, 2018

Exploring new places Buzzer beaters in the playoffs The look of a house with a new roof Facebook memories of something forgotten That a movie theater is coming back to West OC Coming home to a clean house after being away Beach bonfires on cool nights People’s reactions crossing the finish line of a race… Read more »

Things I Like – May 4, 2018

A crab cake once a week People who embrace change An extended forecast of sunshine Filet mignon with bleu cheese This season’s “Homeland” Walking through the Salisbury Zoo A hot tub after a long day Eating breakfast out A goofy lab puppy Foster care families Skipping stones with my kids

Things I Like – April 20, 2018

Learning something new about the area’s history Fresh fruit with breakfast Trying out random restaurants away from home New buds on a shrub Hearing my kids are fine while away A day without a schedule to keep The smell of freshly cut wood How hard my son works at speech therapy When hard work pays… Read more »

Things I Like – April 13, 2018

Walking to dinner Kids celebrating a win The grounds of Augusta National Mexican food once a week 3-D puzzles Wireless keyboards The show, “Homeland” A newly paved driveway Watching the sunrise from an oceanfront hotel room The aroma of Camden Yards Broiled seafood