Things I Like – March 31, 2017

Turning in early on Sunday nights When technology makes life easier Good reports on my kids from school No-jacket days in March Being sore from lifting weights Light lunches during the week Excellent restaurants that don’t look like much from the outside Backyard picnics Big, puffy clouds in a bright blue sky Dogs howling in… Read more »

Things I Like – March 24, 2017

No traffic on a long road trip Being able to relax on vacation A room filled with natural daylight When a defensive player scores in lacrosse Not checking emails on vacation Seeing kids enjoy a game of chess Sounds of a recess at a school A post-vacation diet Old shoes that hold up well Snorkeling… Read more »

Things I Like – March 17, 2017

Passionate high school sports coaches When a referral turns into a sale for a friend Driving in silence after dropping the kids off at school Not packing socks for a vacation How big phones used to be Finding old business cards Taking my kids to new playgrounds When a preconceived notion is wrong. The unpredictability… Read more »

Things I Like – March 10, 2017

Watching a sunrise from an oceanfront hotel Grocery shopping when the store is empty Finding a new show to binge watch Traveling with my family Resisting the urge to eat unhealthy foods NBA players who are good free throw shooters Seeing my kids meet a goal Old hardwood floors Breakfast foods When the weather cooperates… Read more »

Things I Like – March 3, 2017

How every sunset is different When both my kids are asleep early on a school night Simple sayings Black-and-white business cards Stress-free days A smoothie that tastes good and is good for you Cordless keyboards The few people who share my dislike of the beach ball tower Boat rides on warm winter days Grocery shopping… Read more »

Things I Like – February 24, 2017

Lunch on the West OC harbor An organized desk Pita chips and hummus Exhausted children Keeping things simple Throwing away a to-do list because everything is crossed off Positive thinkers Watching the progress of someone else’s construction project My kids’ school presentations Sharing good news CNN’s documentary, ‘The Eighties’

Things I Like – February 10, 2017

Honda’s Super Bowl commercials Getting a workout in outside this time of year When my son assists on a goal Feta cheese on anything Humble professional athletes Breakfast food for dinner Melissa McCarthy on SNL Funny driving license photos Memorable weddings The ‘unfollow’ option on Facebook Eloquent young speakers

Things I Like – January 27, 2017

My kids after fresh haircuts Family vacations A hot tub on a cold night The movie, “Juno” Morgan Freeman’s voice The U.S. Capitol dome A confident child Some quiet time in the morning before the kids wake up A street full of houses with flags OC’s thin blue line plans A grill full of meat

Things I Like – January 20, 2017

Close playoff football games Showing my kids something they have never seen before A solitary leaf on a tree branch Humble professional athletes Allen Sklar’s wildlife photos Eating out on half-price nights The last stretch of a long road trip Shoes that hold up well A friendly grocery store cashier The patience level of a… Read more »