Rental Situation Needs Monitoring

The topic of short-term rentals being restricted in certain Ocean City neighborhoods resurfaced this week during a discussion of an update to the town’s comprehensive plan. In the proposed update, which had a hearing before the Ocean City Planning Commission this week and will soon be reviewed by the Mayor and Council, there is a… Read more »

OC Way Beyond Tough Talk Time

It’s nothing short of a miracle more people were not seriously injured or killed last weekend in Ocean City. It was a nightmare. The town was overrun with young car enthusiasts intent on raising hell on the streets of Ocean City, damaging anything they wanted, drinking wherever they wanted, littering to ridiculous proportions and wreaking… Read more »

Berlin Wise To Be Cautious On Tattoo Regs

The Town of Berlin is right to take a cautious approach to regulating tattoo shops. After it was learned an entrepreneur was interested in conducting cosmetic tattooing in Berlin, the town drafted an emergency ordinance because there were no regulations in place governing the tattoo industry. Critics of the ordinance, which requires a doctor or… Read more »

Employee Housing Project Deserves Support

The prospect of a large seasonal housing facility being built in downtown Ocean City is exciting and a prime example of private enterprise stepping in to fill a significant need. Applicant Shannon Tippett, whose family owns the parcel at the corner of Wicomico Street and Baltimore Avenue, hopes to build a 3,200-square-foot restaurant and bar… Read more »

A Public Relations Loser For Ocean City

No matter what happens with the appeal effort planned, Ocean City will lose in the court of public opinion regarding the white building on the east side of the Boardwalk near South Division Street. That’s largely because Ocean City has not made it clear why it wants to take over ownership and operation of the… Read more »

Sports Tourism Is A Growth Area

During last week’s discussion of a possible county-operated sports fields complex, the concept of sports tourism was discussed briefly, but it needs to be talked about more often. The importance of sports tourism is nothing new. Worcester County, Ocean City and Wicomico County formed an alliance — the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Sports Alliance…. — some years… Read more »

Stay Out Of Ocean If Guards Off Duty

A number of serious incidents, including a preventable death, have taken place in the Atlantic Ocean over the last 10 days. Amid a series of significant injuries was the Monday evening drowning of a 35-year-old Virginia man who went swimming around 7, about 90 minutes after the Ocean City Beach Patrol had ceased coverage. It’s… Read more »