Sports Tourism Is A Growth Area

During last week’s discussion of a possible county-operated sports fields complex, the concept of sports tourism was discussed briefly, but it needs to be talked about more often. The importance of sports tourism is nothing new. Worcester County, Ocean City and Wicomico County formed an alliance — the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Sports Alliance…. — some years… Read more »

Stay Out Of Ocean If Guards Off Duty

A number of serious incidents, including a preventable death, have taken place in the Atlantic Ocean over the last 10 days. Amid a series of significant injuries was the Monday evening drowning of a 35-year-old Virginia man who went swimming around 7, about 90 minutes after the Ocean City Beach Patrol had ceased coverage. It’s… Read more »

Overreacting Better Approach Than Underestimating

The organizer of the “College Beach Weekend” activities in Ocean City released a statement online late this week saying, “For everybody’s that’s nervous, they should absolutely relax. We’re just coming here to be on vacation, not to cause trouble. Honestly, it’s a shame that people think we’re coming there with the intention of acting foolish.”… Read more »

Creative Solutions For Mobile Demand

How important is cell phone reception on the beach? Considering the ocean and beach views and family activities that should be garnering attention, it shouldn’t be critical. However, the disturbing fact of the matter in today’s world staying connected is imperative and, more importantly, expected. Today’s world seemingly revolves around multi-tasking, whether it be professional,… Read more »

Ocean City’s Broad Appeal Tough To Quantify

Who comes to Ocean City? What type of economic class finds this beach town appealing? How much in household income should the resort target with ad campaigns? Should it be $75,000, $100,000 or more? Those were some questions asked this week in general terms during a discussion involving the renewal of the city’s advertising vendor… Read more »

Time To Ticket Jaywalkers In OC

One of the takeaways from this week’s press conference on the OC Walk Smart initiative was Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan’s call for police to crack down on enforcement. Although the costumed crab character used as a symbol of the safety initiative is silly, there’s nothing lighthearted about the fact many people take their lives… Read more »

Logic Prevails In Referendum Decision

Common sense prevailed at City Hall this week when the Ocean City Mayor and Council decided to not hold a special election to decide a referendum question in the summer. Last week the council was deadlocked on whether to hold a special election in August to determine a referendum that would decide if the city’s… Read more »

An Open Letter To High School Graduates

Congratulations to all you high school graduates. By now, you have walked across the stage, before your classmates, teachers, administrators and family, shook hands with a figure of authority and received your high school diploma. This much is certain — a major milestone in your life has been achieved and you should be proud of… Read more »