Canyon Effort Could Hinge On New Administration

The economic risk for hundreds of local families associated with a federal sanctuary designation for an offshore fishing canyon far outweighs in significance the potential environmental and conservation advantages of such a label. We know that, but convincing the federal government will be a battle. Earlier this fall, the National Aquarium launched an online petition… Read more »

Turning Pain Into Learning Opportunities

It’s the weekend to be thankful, but there are many families who will struggle with that concept as a result of grief associated with their first Thanksgiving without a loved one. The loss is incredibly difficult and challenging when it’s random and tragic, such as the case for the family of 31-year-old Ryan Shupert, the… Read more »

What Others Are Saying

International Workers Provide Critical Support Winter may be upon us, but here in Ocean City, we’re always thinking about summer. This week, in conjunction with International Education Week, we celebrated one important piece of our summer success in Ocean City, the international exchange students who visit us each year as participants in the Summer Work… Read more »

Trend For Change Prevailed In Ocean City, Too

Based on the most recent municipal elections, it’s clear Ocean City’s registered votes have an affinity for fresh faces who have not held elected office previously. Two years ago, Matt James, a young and inexperienced resident, cruised to the highest vote tally among the candidates to win his seat. This week, John Gehrig, a business… Read more »

Fishing Industry Right To Question Designation

With recent history confirming their worries are valid, members of the Ocean City fishing community have every reason to be alarmed about this week’s announcement of a plan to make an offshore fishing canyon a sanctuary. The National Aquarium is currently seeking online support to nominate the Baltimore Canyon, a 28-mile long and five-mile wide… Read more »

Contested Election Best For Ocean City

It’s a good thing Ocean City will now have an election with five candidates seeking four council seats next month. Almost immediately after Ocean City resident John Gehrig filed for Ocean City Council this week, it was clear not everyone thinks it’s a good thing to have an election, as a string of silly social… Read more »