Right Call Made On Canyon Effort

The National Aquarium in Baltimore deserves credit for being receptive and responsive to the arguments months against its proposed Urban National Marine Sanctuary designation for the Baltimore Canyon, one of Ocean City’s three rich offshore fishing grounds. Kudos also goes to the local fishing community who rallied together into a collective voice and worked with… Read more »

A New Approach Along Route 50?

Worcester County was right to relax Route 50 design guidelines, but local residents should be weary of what could be coming in the future as a result. These design guidelines came about in the 1990s as a result of a visioning process that involved crafting a corridor plan on Route 50 from Seahawk Road east… Read more »

Higher Learning Issues Merit Attention

The Maryland General Assembly reconvenes next week in Annapolis, and Gov. Larry Hogan has been in recent weeks outlining his full plate of legislative priorities. Last month, Hogan laid out his top legislative priority dealing with infrastructure. He wants to repeal the so-called “Road Kill Bill,” which he maintains is the culprit in the elimination… Read more »

Opponents Should Hold Aquarium To Word

While we can appreciate the skepticism from many, last week’s op-ed from the leader of the National Aquarium on a proposed designation of the Baltimore Canyon as an Urban Marine Sanctuary was significant. Heading into the new year, this will be one of the major stories for the area. In an opinion piece headlined “Finding… Read more »

Finding Common Ground On Ocean Floor

Editor: A couple of weeks ago, with an abundance of good faith, the National Aquarium submitted a proposal to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to consider establishing a national marine sanctuary in the Baltimore Canyon, 70 miles off Ocean City’s shores. A mile beneath the surface, the Canyon is home to ancient deep-sea… Read more »

Canyon Effort Could Hinge On New Administration

The economic risk for hundreds of local families associated with a federal sanctuary designation for an offshore fishing canyon far outweighs in significance the potential environmental and conservation advantages of such a label. We know that, but convincing the federal government will be a battle. Earlier this fall, the National Aquarium launched an online petition… Read more »