Things I Like – November 19, 2021

A Sunday of church, footballFacebook memories of my kidsHanging Christmas lights on a warm dayCommitting to a vacationRavens jerseys in the stands at away gamesAll the breakfast meatsNot having anywhere to go on a stormy dayAvoiding Route 50 this weekA rental house with a heated poolA heavy rocks glassNew art work in the house

Things I Like – November 12, 2021

The Atlantic Hotel’s tree lightsA change for the betterPlanets clearly seen in the night skyA new take on an old songNorth Face jacketsThe community feel of high school football gamesA park full of big treesCrust on a grilled cheese sandwichA woman’s voice with an acoustic guitarThe Boardwalk for lunch in the winterA vehicle with a… Read more »

Things I Like – November 5, 2021

Monday morning NFL highlightsWalking around Berlin the morning after HalloweenWhen a call from school in the middle of the day is not a bad thingPumpkins on a stoopNew flip flops that feel oldA text instead of a voicemailRemembering the Captain’s GalleySmooth flights out of SalisburyOld local surf shop shirtsA baby’s post-bath smellWeekends without rain

Thing I Like – October 29, 2021

All the houses dressed up for HalloweenMeetings under one hourSheryl Crow’s adoption storySound of an acoustic guitarWhen my kids unload the groceriesFootball players who give balls to kids in the standsThe owning of a mistakeHomecoming photos on FacebookFunny police incident reportsNeedle tip pensSeeing a good coach impact an athlete

Thing I Like – October 22, 2021

Learning the high road is best at timesxA field of green grass freshly cutxWind chimes doing their thing in the distancexWhen a storm drastically changes our weatherxThe documentary, “Dopesick”xNFL RedZone when the Ravens are not playingxCream-based seafood soupsxTree standsxReading a nicely done obituaryxWhen optimism is not forcedxA long third down conversion in football

Things I Like – October 15, 2021

That newborn parent lookReminiscing at a funeralPlayoff baseball gamesThe view looking south from the InletSports teams wearing pink in OctoberWhen change turns out to be goodA heavy overnight rainNew shoes that feel oldWhen people sent baby announcements in the mailTom PettyA big pot of chili on a Sunday

Things I Like – October 8, 2021

The Facebook whistleblower’s storyEasy Ravens winsRemembering Joy Snyder’s quick witStopping on Assateague for horses crossing the roadThe ride to a little getawayThe ride home from a little getawayA wrap over a bunMovies that keep my kids attentionDriving in silenceWhen a hearty salad fills me upA surprisingly clean public restroom

Things I Like – October 1, 2021

Celebrating a win with my sonRestaurants that only serve breakfastNot getting a pile of ones from a cashierBeing stumped by a diverse menuA fishing trip with a lot of catchingLeaving the office after deadlineTeens who talk to parentsWrap-around front porchesLearning a new applianceWhen my memory serves me rightCold fruit and peanut butter

Things I Like – September 24, 2021

Main Street events in BerlinA good show recommendationLynyrd Skynyrd’s storyNot being able to fall asleep after a late-night Ravens winShrimp and clams for dinnerSchool pickups on FridayLearning background from old copies of the Maryland Coast PressGrilling out with a chill in the airTax credits of any kindWatching young athletes improveA stocked fridge after a grocery… Read more »

Things I Like – September 17, 2021

Watching dogs at the beachThe cool mornings of SeptemberA Friday off with the kids in schoolThe first Sunday of the NFL seasonGoing under a bridge on a boatThe feeling after a good sneezeA rational approach to masksGrilled fish and a saladRubbing on an old, lazy dogPersonalized calendarsOld T-shirts that still fit