Things I Like – November 3, 2017

When a pleasant surprise comes in the mail This year’s World Series Parents at the post office sending goodie bags to their kids in colleges An act of compassion from my child That I didn’t snow here this week Trying different kinds of Acai bowls Building up credit card reward points Leaving the dentist after… Read more »

Things I Like – October 27, 2017

This area’s crazy weather extremes The Hometown Hero banners on the Boardwalk Sundays when the Patriots lose Kids movies with adult humor When technology makes things easier, not harder A photo that tells a story better than words Finding a great restaurant near a hotel while away A light dinner after a big lunch Smell… Read more »

Things I Like – October 20, 2017

Vertical business cards Hearing rain outside as I work People who are easy to work with Spotify Groomed athletic fields Cool fall mornings Sunset colors this time of year The witch on Berlin’s Main Street Howl-o-Scream at Busch Gardens High definition video When a suit is comfortable

Things I Like – October 13, 2017

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ series Driving across bridges That Chipotle now has queso When youth players hit a knee on the field during an injury A great speech that stays with me for days The Weather Channel Rehabbed animals being released back into the wild Stories of people overcoming addiction Stuffed avocado at The Shark Brunch… Read more »

Things I Like – October 6, 2017

Positive sideline parents New appetizers for dinner A fresh shave When coaches set a good example for their players Volunteers Handmade gifts from my kids Big cities with old architecture The last pool dip of the year Young talent on a stage Any breakfast meat The NFL’s camouflage apparel

Things I Like – September 22, 2017

Homemade gifts Hearing examples of how my kids used their manners Barber shops that still offer fresh shaves People who work through illness Instagram’s multiple phone feature Throwing away a “to do” list after it’s all completed Carryout dinner after a long beach day When it’s hot in September My wife’s Halloween creativity Reading biographies… Read more »

Things I Like – September 15, 2017

New school year optimism Making the best out of something negative Youth players celebrating together 60 Minutes on Sunday night How different my two kids are Hula hoop contests Surprise parties The Boardwalk rides this time of year Unselfish types Seeing people use the beach smoking receptacles OCPD Mouned Unit’s trading cards

Things I Like – September 8, 2017

First day of school photos on Facebook Warm ocean swims in September Subscribers to this newspaper Enthusiastic teachers Relaxing on the beach while everyone else packs up for the day Handmade gifts Getting crabs on a rainy day Young-at-heart types The first week of NFL games An acai bowl for breakfast Seeing someone new in concert

Things I Like – September 1, 2017

When karma works everything out Cheers re-runs A college flag hung on a house A work day with no appointments That my kids like playing board games with us A youth team that handles defeat well Beach days after Labor Day weekend Driving in silence sometimes Sleeping through a thunderstorm Listening to little ones babble… Read more »