Nice To Get Back in the Ocean out the vid….Atlantic Tackle has it all!Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star reported in that it was down right nasty in the ocean this morning.  Forecast wasn’t quite what they said it was supposed to be, but by the afternoon it had calmed down nicely and should stay that way for a few… Read more »

Keeper Rockfish in the Wind the vid….Atlantic Tackle has it all!The good news is that this northeast wind is finally forecast to let up.  The bad news is that it won’t happen until Wednesday.  This has been a ridiculously long stretch of strong northeast winds brought about by a couple of storms rolling by in just the right way… Read more »

Big Swordfish Before the Blow out Atlantic Tackle for all of your inshore and offshore fishing needs!It didn’t rain quite as much as I thought it would today, but that was just fine since we had over 2 1/2″ at my house yesterday.  The sun was even shining through the clouds on a few occasions today, but it was… Read more »

Toothy Mean Looking Mug out the vid for Atlantic Tackle’s huge selection!Today was the last day that there will be any fishing in the ocean, and maybe in the bay for quite a few days.  The remnants of tropical storm Sally are moving off the beach tonight and are forecast to turn into a pretty tough nor’easter.  The… Read more »

Some Keeper Rockfish Moving In Tackle has everything you need for inshore fishing!Fall is definitely in the air.  This morning we had temps on land in the low 60s and the northeast wind continued to blow.  The ocean was pretty much closed for business again, but some guys got out in the bay and made a nice day out… Read more »

Rough But They Found Some Tunas and Mahi Tackle in West Ocean City is open 7 days a week!Ocean was rough today thanks to a lingering NE wind that doesn’t seem to want to let up.  It’s been too rough for most boats to get in the ocean for the past several days so even today’s small window of opportunity was very… Read more »

Inshore Fishing Only the vid to see what’s up at Atlantic Tackle in West Ocean City.It was windy today folks….still is.  NE came on yesterday and has not let up so the ocean was pretty much closed for business today.  I was up on the boardwalk this evening and the ocean was a churned up mess with… Read more »

Pumpin Hard days are good days to shop at Atlantic Tackle!We had a pretty yuck day today with showers this morning and showers again in the afternoon.  I’m not complaining much since I just seeded my yard, but the wind picked up today too and that sucks.  NE is supposed to pump hard through the night… Read more »