Limit of Tautog and A 14 Pound Sheepshead the vid for some new stuff from Squidnation at Atlantic Tackle!We’ve got another weather window opened up for anglers to get out and bend a rod on some of this great late fall fishing that’s going on.  There’s just over a week left of Maryland Black Sea bass season so get out there soon… Read more »

Beautiful Day With A Decent Bite out some NEW Squidnation product available at Atlantic Tackle in West Ocean City!Mother Nature opened up another short weather window today and some local party boats took full advantage of it.  There were some anglers catching rockfish on the north jetty and at the route 50 bridge as well.  It was a nice December… Read more »

Added Up Nicely Nature has got us on land more than on the water lately and that continues for the next couple of days.  Thankfully things were calm enough today for some of the bottom fishing fleet to get out.Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a slow start to today’s trip, but by the end things… Read more »

Another Boat Limit day to be on the ocean and a great day to be on the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins!Man. It was nice to get back out. And what a day too. So calm.. Locals Andrew & Nikki did the deed on today’s reef blocks. We deployed them at Lucas Alexander’s Reef. While there I took… Read more »

Plenty of Rockfish In The Inlet recent cold weather continues to move the water temperature gauge into the mid and upper 50s and that is just primo for rockfish and tautog inshore.  Today was a nice fishable day and there were some guys out enjoying it and putting some keeper sized fish in the boat.Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break… Read more »

Limit of Flounder All Over 5 Pounds Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported that sea bass fishing was a little slow to start, but picked up nicely by the afternoon.  Keith had some crazy good flounder fishing with his limit of four fish all over 5 pounds with the biggest at 6.25 that took the lead in the season long flounder… Read more »

Rockfish and Some Red Drum you’ve already read the Daily Angle once tonight then you may have seen a huge yellowfin tuna that was supposedly caught in the Baltimore Canyon last week.  I’m going to give the source the benefit of the doubt and hope that it wasn’t for self promotion, but I will now report that the fish… Read more »

Good Bite Yesterday’s not a ton of fishing action taking place with the weather, especially during the week.  We’ll still have our weather windows over the next several weeks, but they are going to be fewer and fewer as we move further into the fall.  Don’t forget, Maryland sea bass season ends on December 11 this year… Read more »