Whites, Yellows and Goldens

You ever notice how some fish have very colorful names?!  White marlin, yellowfin tuna, golden tilefish, brown flounder……well, that last one was made up, but it could work.  Today was a very colorful day for some of the offshore fleet and it was also absolutely beautiful.  I got to fish the top of the tide… Read more »

Fish Are Snappin’

I traveled across the route 50 bridge more than once today and every time I was wishing I was flounder fishing.  I hadn’t gotten any reports yet, but the water coming in from the ocean was crystal clear and the bay was nice and flat.  When I did finally start getting reports, I wished even… Read more »

Double Blue Marlins

We had a little bit of a reprieve from the crazy busy holiday weekend that was the 4th of July.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all very busy days on the water, but today was just busy as folks head home for the work week and our next wave of visitors heads to the beach. … Read more »

Tunas Bit Good

Day two of the Ocean City Marlin Club Canyon Kick Off Tournament wasn’t quite as busy as day 1, but there was some action on the leaderboard.  There is one day left to fish and then the awards get distributed tomorrow night.   Heres’ who’s leading what thanks to Amanda Shick!! Away from the tournament there… Read more »

93 Pound Cobia

Beautiful day today in Ocean City…..HOT, but beautiful!  You can definitely tell it’s 4th of July week because the waterways were busy today and will be even busier tomorrow.  The weather looks beautiful again and bay fishing is pretty stellar right now so I’m sure it’s going to be packed out there…..be safe!My buddies Mike… Read more »

New Leader in the Clubhouse

After more than 24 hours with no sleep and over 3,000 miles traveled….I am finally back!  We had a great time in Alaska, but now it’s time to get to work on plenty of Fish in OC and Hooked on OC business that we’ve got coming up this summer.  After all of the fishing great… Read more »