Sheepshead and Trout

It was a hot one today!  Truck thermometer read 93 at one point in Ocean Pines, but summer is coming so its time to get used to it.  The wind was down and the sun was out too making it a spring scorcher on land, but with water temps still in the 60s it was… Read more »

Big, Ugly Monkfish

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone we are back to the ho-hums of weekday fishing.  While the kids are still in school fishing interests are definitely going to be heaviest on Saturday and Sunday so if you are free and are looking to get on some of the awesome inshore and offshore charter… Read more »

Nice Day

The title says it all… was beautiful today.  Surprising that I don’t have more fish to report with the amount of boats that were on the water today, but we are on one those bummer tide scenarios where the clean water is either early or late.  High tide in the back bay was around 5… Read more »

Good Fishing in the WIND

It was another WINDY one today folks!  Early this morning wasn’t too bad, but when it switched to northwest it started cranking and did not let up this afternoon.  The bay was straight white caps where I saw it at the route 90 bridge and when I went to the boat hoping for clean water… Read more »

$16,000 White Marlin

Boy it was a windy one today!!  Coming back across the route 90 bridge from Ocean City I could see that the bay was stacked up with lots of whitecaps thanks to a stiff breeze out of the south.  It was so windy some boats headed for the barn early and I didn’t see anyone… Read more »

Bluefin Tuna Limits and Tilefish

It was absolutely picture perfect beautiful today!!  The wind was blowing a little, but by late morning it had laid out and it was sunny and warm and reely, reely nice.  Too good in fact to deliver magazines so I postponed that until tomorrow and got on the water with my bride like lots of… Read more »

All Smiles

It was a little windier today than expected, but overall it was nice and by this evening the wind had laid out nicely.  Tomorrow’s forecast is beautiful with temps in the 70s, sunny skies and light winds.  The forecast for the weekend looks good too so I think it’s going to be a busy one.Captain… Read more »