County Budget Process Kicks Off With $6.8 Million Needed To Balance

County Budget Process Kicks Off With $6.8 Million Needed To Balance

SNOW HILL – Education and public safety funding requests highlighted a budget work session hosted by the Worcester County Commissioners this week.On Tuesday, various county department directors presented their proposed fiscal year 2020 budgets to the commissioners in the first of several work sessions. As initially proposed, the overall budget includes a shortfall of $6.8… Read more »

First Flounder in OC This Year?

No, just bored and realized I didn’t have an April Fool’s post yet!!BUT…..the first Flounder was caught in Virginia over the weekend and it should be caught in Ocean City in the next week or less.Real deal fishing report coming tonight!!Happy April Fools Day!The post First Flounder in OC This Year? appeared first on Fishing… Read more »

Tautog and Selfies

It was a beautiful spring day in and around Ocean City today with high temps reaching the low 60s in some spots with mostly sunny skies.  The wind did pick up a bit this afternoon, but it was nice enough for most of the day so there was a good amount of fishing going on.Captain… Read more »

Rock in Ocean City

Even though it’s only the mid 40’s outside it feels more and more like spring everyday.  With no wind and sunny skies the mid 40’s feels pretty good and anglers are getting outside and taking advantage of some of the fishing that we can expect this time of year.During the last day of the Saltwater… Read more »

Toggin’ Today

Day two at the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison, NJ was a good one where I got to speak to a lot of folks that are coming to Fish in OC.  I got some reports from guys up here that there were some more stripers caught along the coast so there may be some fish… Read more »

Things Are Starting Up

As I finish up day 1 at the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison, NJ I am happy to report that things are looking up as the weather warms up.  We’ve got some chilly days ahead of us in the next week, but overall the temperatures will be rising and more and more species will make… Read more »