Things I Like – April 20, 2018

Learning something new about the area’s historyFresh fruit with breakfastTrying out random restaurants away from homeNew buds on a shrubHearing my kids are fine while awayA day without a schedule to keepThe smell of freshly cut woodHow hard my son works at speech therapyWhen hard work pays offLobster rollsWatching my kids play sports in nice… Read more »

Things I Like – April 13, 2018

Walking to dinnerKids celebrating a winThe grounds of Augusta NationalMexican food once a week3-D puzzlesWireless keyboardsThe show, “Homeland”A newly paved drivewayWatching the sunrise from an oceanfront hotel roomThe aroma of Camden YardsBroiled seafood

Things I Like – April 6, 2018

All the little ones dressed up for Easter in churchA team celebrating a win togetherBuzzer beaters in basketballInnocenceA few appetizers for dinnerCutting back on stamp useSitcoms with great writingCoaches who are tough and positiveSunny and dry weekendsSeeing boats out in the bay againMatinee movies

Things I Like – March 30, 2018

Looking forward to summer concertsRooting for Loyola Chicago this weekendListening to my son making strangers laughAsparagus with a steakSports documentariesWatching a movie as a familyWhat sports teaches kidsGreat headline writersJimmy FallonA snowfall that melts fastSounds of kids at play at recess

Things I Like – March 23, 2018

Eating healthy at the beginning of the weekThe exhaustion felt after a water park dayWhen a good deed does not come back to bite in a bad waySeeing my boys hug good nightHearing good economic reportsSeeing my friends’ vacation pictures on FacebookLearning something new every daySmell of an old baseball gloveHow easy my kids are… Read more »

Things I Like – March 16, 2018

A young kid with a witPatient youth sports coachesSmell of caramel popcorn on the BoardwalkAn all-brick houseA stack of very thin pancakesWhen it’s nice outside for the St. Patrick’s Day paradeA great shell day on the beachSeeing my sons proud of themselvesLearning from a mistakeA passionate pastorListening to constructive criticism

Things I Like – March 9, 2018

A phone call with good newsLobster mac ‘n cheeseStiff prison sentences for repeat offendersBrief voicemail messagesSuccessful fundraisersBread still warm after just being bakedOld Polaroid picturesSunday brunchWhen a suit is comfortable to wearA road trip on a long weekendWhen kids support each other

Things I Like – March 2, 2018

Hearing the stories behind funny nicknamesThoughtful teenagersKids laughing on a playgroundNeat handwriting“Jeopardy” every now and againA fountain drink with crushed iceHow big cell phones once wereNew shoes that wear like they’re oldWhen I learn from a mistakeWell-done scrappleLights with dimmer switches

Things I Like – February 2018

Olympic upsetsBrie oysters at Rare & RyeFriday nights with no plansThis week’s “winter” weatherHearing positive adoption storiesSpanish mossA collection of old sea shellsThe rare time when silence fills my houseRandom hugs from my kidsRoom service breakfastAn old towelA well-trained dog doing tricks

Things I Like – February 16, 2018

Watching the Olympics every nightWhen health insurance does what it shouldA new pair of windshield wipersEnlightening interviewsCompetitive kids who don’t like to loseA warm winter day that doesn’t include rainSmelling something that brings back a memoryGrilled shrimp on a Caesar saladSteamed crabs this time of yearA family ski trip with no injuriesWhen history repeats itself