Things I Like – November 20, 2020

Kids bonding through sportsRemembering when I could sleep through a stormCheeseburgers hot off the grillThe North Face jacketsNew shoes that feel oldA night game so riveting I have a hard time falling asleepWhen both kids fall asleep earlyHearing good news from a friendA pile of red and brown leavesStaying off a computer on the weekendComing… Read more »

Things I Like – November 13, 2020

Hanging holiday lights on a warm dayNot using salt when cookingTwo dogs pulling on a ropePeople born on Leap DayThe show, “The Walking Dead”Sleeping with two pillowsWhen both my kids wake up on their own on a school dayA must-watch show referralLittle ones with lots of questionsMessy weather football gamesBeing sore from yard work

Things I Like – November 6, 2020

Trying to resist turning on the heatWhen my kids own a mistakeSNL’s political skitsElection nightFull Sundays of footballThat my son is reading “12 Angry Men” in schoolWhen hindsight confirms the right decisionHow smooth early voting wasHigh voter turnouts in an electionRavens-Steelers on Thanksgiving nightOn-time school drop-offs

Things I Like – October 23, 2020

Reaching the bottom of a pile of billsA beautiful lawnWhen technology works as it shouldSaving my crab claws till the endSeedless watermelonA sunny morning after a stormy nightBig oak tree leavesSleeping through the nightSmell of a baby after a bathMonday morning highlightsLooking forward to bonfires with friends again

Things I Like – October 16, 2020

Empathic kidsThe SNL skits on the debatesIntentionally funny obituariesNFL player Alex Smith’s comeback storyA fact-based social media debateWhen it’s obvious young athletes are having fun on the fieldDinner hot off the grillThe sounds of kids laughing from their roomsPolitical ads that aren’t negative against the opponentNon-wrinkle pantsBig, healthy trees

Things I Like – October 9, 2020

The temperature swings of fallRemembering naps with my kidsChecking out once a weekFormer athletes who are great commentators nowWings with a kickA fishing trip with keepersRainy day moviesHearings dogs howling at a fire siren off in the distanceA weed-less flower bedFootball Sundays at homeA pile of dirty towels after a beach day

Things I Like – October 2, 2020

Fridays offAll the support for law enforcement during and after last weekendOld sayings that stay true through the yearsProductive, fast meetingsClose football games when I don’t care who winsBirds following a tractor in a fieldA hot shower on a cold morningHitting all the West Ocean City lightsWarm soccer games in OctoberKids in Ravens jerseysMy son’s… Read more »

Things I Like – September 25, 2020

Carryout on SundaysHearing my kid’s observationsAn enlightening lectureQueen’s lyric, ‘We’re all God’s people”A surprising candidate filing for officeNot taking youth sports for grantedHot September daysPositive news after a hurricane hitsPlayoff buzzer beatersRiding bikes to dinnerWhen common sense prevails

Things I Like – September 18, 2020

The first NFL Sunday of the seasonVolunteer beach cleanupsThe early care for a new pair of shadesStill reading my favorite sports columnistsLeaving a car washAn old laptop that still works greatMonday morning football review showsAddiction recovery storiesStress-free weekendsWatching my sons goof aroundA digital learning day that goes well