Things I Like – September 23, 2016

A rainy Monday after a beautiful weekend Taking off work early to go paddleboarding Happy adoption stories That both my kids think school is fun Close youth soccer games Maryland flag bumper stickers Crab cake platter over a sandwich Having fresh fruit in the house Hot September beach days Big puffy clouds and a blue… Read more »

Things I Like – August 26, 2016

A cool early morning breeze All the new friends my son makes each beach day The movie, “13 Hours” An old dog’s mentality Low tide beach days The Jeep Week beach parade Smell of sunscreen in the house Waking up cold Outdoor showers Md. pride from the Olympics The Boardwalk this time of year

Things I Like – August 19, 2016

Watching the Olympics every night Laughing with my kids Outdoor movies People watching on the beach Young people wise beyond their years Picking up other people’s trash on the beach Short letters to the editor A surprise ending to a book Playing soccer on fresh cut grass Summer morning in the 70s Smell of fresh… Read more »

Things I Like – August 5, 2016

When a lost dog gets reunited A young person with an old soul Liberal return policies Raw oysters anytime of day Watching the convention speeches the day after with the applause edited out Quiet Fridays Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ A great sunset on a rainy day My kids jumping off the lifeguard stand after a… Read more »

Things I Like – July 29, 2016

The first days after getting a new phone That my son is being taught cursive handwriting Respect for police People who know the local blogs can’t be trusted to report facts Summer heat waves Lunch on a pool raft Taking my kids to Vacation Bible School Watching dogs enjoy the water When good news travels… Read more »

Things I Like – July 21, 2016

Rooftop gardens in cities When kids get together to raise money for something The sounds of the Boardwalk on a summer night When a household chore is completed Sharing a childhood memory with my kids A cheesesteak with fried onions Throwing away a list after everything is crossed off The series, “Happy Valley” Live music… Read more »