Things I Like – August 21, 2020

When friends from out of town visitThe air show on a blue sky dayA group of kids playing together without electronicsPeople watching on the beachLittle kids wearing masksCatching a great Seinfeld rerunAddiction recovery storiesWhen hindsight makes a decision look wiseChris Parypa’s aviation picturesNo sea lice ocean daysPizza and salad for dinner

Things I Like – August 14, 2020

An old photo with the electronic date in the pictureAssateague RoadSplitting a dozen jumbos with my wifeA blue, cloudless sky on the beachHearing church bells in BerlinLazy pool daysA backyard horseshoe pitGoing a day without hearing “it’s a COVID thing”A well-ventilated atticTaking in the Air Show far from crowdsThe surf a day after a storm… Read more »

Things I Like – August 7, 2020

Seeing my kids reading in the summerHow the NBA’s bubble is workingSunny Fridays offRainy Mondays workingAn old bathing suit that still fitsCold fruit on the beachWhen I know my wife is relaxingWell-maintained brick sidewalksAn old typewriter on a deskCooling my truck off remotelyWhen a landscape project is completed

Things I Like – July 31, 2020

Not regretting answering a phone call I don’t knowA house with a huge kitchenRegis PhilbinWhen a decision is right in hindsightSitting in silenceThe newly paved Harrison AvenueLong lines that move fastSteamed crabs for lunchDads taking their kids fishingSwimming in the rainHBO Series, “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”

Things I Like – July 24, 2020

Taking off on a Friday and heading to the beachTuna lined up on a dock after a fishing tripChocolate-covered fruitThick coffee mugsWatching the growth of farm fieldsA child’s first fishHot and dry weekendsIce cream on the beachSmell of a suntan lotion on a towel after a beach dayEating well early in the weekEating bad late… Read more »

Things I Like – July 17, 2020

Going a whole day without drivingStopping on Assateague to let a horse cross the roadSteamed crabs for lunchVisiting somewhere newBeing on timeDonating clothes I never wearCatching a bargainBig puffy clouds and a blue skyChicken legs cooked on a grillA weed-free yardMovies at home with my kids

Things I Like – July 10, 2020

Wave watchingWhen my kids turn in early from exhaustionNailing a steak’s temperature on the grillSmell of fresh laundryWeekends at homeHow every adoption has a unique story behind itSeeing a dog in the passenger seat at a traffic lightOld jeans that are softA summer heat waveFinding money in a pocketA morning of yard work followed by… Read more »

Things I Like – July 3, 2020

A pool dip after a long beach daySports talk radioA pile of sandals by the doorSlow cooking food on the grillWhen the sun and moon are visible on the beachWatching kids play in the oceanMy son’s love of shrimpLightning bugs in our backyardSmell of an old hardware storeThe day after spraying weedsFresh black mulch

Things I Like – June 26, 2020

When a person’s positive energy is contagiousThe first ocean dip of the seasonHow long daylight lasts currentlyNot taking Father’s Day for grantedTalking with police officers about JuneScrapple once a weekSwimming in a pool at nightA good shell day on the beachA steak cooked just right on the grillAn old computer that still works greatRedesigned website… Read more »

Things I Like – June 19, 2020

My kids helping with a house projectVisible signs of police supportBinging a TV show with my sonSmell of suntan lotion on the beachRain on a freshly waxed carA shower after a long beach dayBeing full after splitting a dozen huge crabs with my wifeCatching a register just opening at the grocery storeNights when I fall… Read more »