Things I Like – June 3, 2016

Walking to dinner in Berlin Raw oysters and a beer How fast kids make new friends Seeing the sunrise driving over the Assateague bridge Humble high school sports athletes Michelle Freeman’s graduation speech last week Toys that can take a beating and still work A strong work ethic on display A pile of crabs not… Read more »

Things I Like – May 27, 2016

When my kid answers a question in church (and gets it right) Friday afternoon school pickups “A Modern Family” marathon after a long day Upsets in college lacrosse Having thick skin when it comes to criticism Close youth sports games Assateague wildlife photos Seeing a fox on the beach in Ocean City Taking a frozen… Read more »

Things I Like – May 20, 2016

Proud parenting moments Quick-moving storms Looking through old newspapers Smell of an old book Smell of a new book Learning something from my kids Close playoff basketball games The Orioles’ orange uniforms The Invictus Games Monday workouts An all-seafood dinner

Things I Like

When my wife can relax on Mother’s Day Local wildlife photos A well-deserved retirement Two appetizers for dinner Harrison’s Harbor Watch’s oyster stew Sunny, dry weekends In-depth news reporting My plan to take a month off from following the presidential election Low-key birthdays with my kids Productive days When health insurance premiums go down (still… Read more »

Things I Like May 6, 2016

An easy car buying experience Gatorade’s new Peyton Manning commercial First communion photos Outdoor showers Looking back at my kids’ baby photos Interns with a strong work ethic Speeches from the heart No-jacket weather Long lines that move fast A house full of silence Locally-owned businesses

Things I Like

Dropping my kids off at school Will Smith in ‘Concussion’ Sounds of children at play in the distance Running the railroad track in Berlin Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” When my old dog does his best to run fast Witty sports columnists When friends have a baby Overnight trips for a concert A grill full… Read more »

Things I Like

Parents who behave on the sidelines Amazon’s ‘Catastrophe’ show Chobani Greek Yogurt Trying hard and losing to my son in a video game Going to the grocery store in the morning Productive and short phone calls A week with no meetings Backyard picnics When a landscaping project is done Being on time The first outdoor… Read more »

Things I Like

That my kids enjoy church Dry weekends All the businesses getting ready this time of year Poached eggs Early voting Baptisms Michael Keaton in the movie, “Spotlight” Saturday Night Live during election seasons The later sunsets of spring When good things come from a challenge The children’s book, “How Full Is Your Bucket?”

Things I Like

April Fools Day pranks When kids overcome their fears The excitement of Opening Day baseball New vehicle shopping Gloomy days that end sunny Watching my kids collect the offering at church The winning feeling of a direct deposit from the government Spring home improvement projects A patch of daffodils in a front yard Well-maintained old… Read more »

Things I Like

My kids all dressed up for Easter Going without the Internet for a week Observing one of my sons commit a random act of kindness Driving on a newly paved road Colorful front yards When accidents look worse than they are The first shave with a new blade Running on warm spring mornings Easter bunny… Read more »