Things I Like – April 5, 2019

Close March Madness games Smart phones Adults with neat handwritingTaking one week a year off from the InternetBuying local even it’s means spending a little bit moreFinally watching “Game of Thrones”The first grass cut of the yearHigh school musicalsHow unpredictable spring weather is around herePeople who really get into April Fools’ DayWhen my sons actually help me… Read more »

Things I Like – March 29, 2019

Experiencing southern hospitalityA buffer day between vacation and workThat my kids will eat vegetablesListening to a book on a long road tripPeople who like what they do for a livingWhat the St. Patrick’s Day parade means for OC’s economyThe amazing food on a Disney cruiseA few days in a row without rainThe DARE program in… Read more »

Things I Like – March 22, 2019

Optimistically putting away the snow shovelMy son’s red hair and blue eyesReading biographies of historic figuresVisiting a new placeWatching my kids play togetherWhen something happens that  you know you will never forgetReading about Autism and CBD OilSteamed crabs anytime, anywhereCharcoal grillingGetting a server I knowA bottle of wine and a movie with my wife

Things I Like – March 15, 2019

The creative outfits at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade each yearBeing outside with my kidsA bookcase full of encyclopediasEarly mornings at homeEasy conversationsSummer band tour announcementsPeople who don’t get stage frightEverything about ‘The Biggest Little Farm’A freshly cut, and lined athletic fieldListening to a good coach’s locker room talkReading parenting blogs          

Things I Like – March 8, 2019

Coming across an old and huge cell phoneSuccessful fundraisersA wireless keyboard, mouseWhen kids show characterWatching a talented auctioneer at workReading about something I know nothing aboutMy current effort to not eat breadLong lines that move fastWhen pants aren’t needed for a vacationSurprising my kidsA thunderstorm approaching over the bay

Things I Like – March 1, 2019

The Snow Hill Oyster RoastPlaying “Horse” with my kidsLady Gaga-Bradley Cooper at the OscarsDedicated gardenersWhen someone else empties the dishwasherBiking on new asphaltVehicles with quiet enginesSmell of a surf shopSunday newspaper feature storiesA big hug from a little kidEarly daffodils

Things I Like – February 22, 2019

The Five Crowns playing card gameWatching my kids run on the beachCrushed ice in a fountain drinkKids biking around a neighborhoodAthletes with silly superstitionsGetting into heated car seatsAn old sweatshirtDriving a beltway with light trafficThe Waze app on a road tripGrassroots fundraising effortsSeeing improvement in young athletes

Things I Like – February 15, 2019

Eating healthy at the beginning of the weekWhen a good deed does not come back to bite in a bad waySeeing my boys hug good nightHearing good economic reportsSunday brunchYoung athletes who are humbleNot owning an ashtrayOpen-door policiesNights when I fall asleep quicklyWorking on a nasty dayEating not so healthy at the end of the… Read more »

Things I Like – February 8, 2019

The crazy weather extremes hereBaby gigglesSteamed crabs for lunch in FebruaryAirports with clean restroomsSpring-like days in FebruaryListening to kids talk to each otherWhen a mistake is ultimately a good thingPhotos of Punxsutawney PhilA stocked fridge after a grocery runCBS Sunday MorningScrolling through tweets

Things I Like – February 1, 2019

A home with local artworkFamily movie outingsLooking back at old school yearbooksThe feeling after a morning workoutA book so good you don’t want it to endClose Super Bowl gamesMovies with Anne HathawayWhen a snow forecast is accurateDriving on a freshly paved roadSushi rolls without anything friedHumble professional athletes