Things I Like – July 13, 2018

A hammock napPlaying games with my kids in the poolHolding on to a great penCamp Safe Harbor in SalisburyA small crab with a surprising amount of meatEdamameThe way back in after a great fishing tripPicking up my exhausted kids from campWorld Cup games not decided by penalty kicksThe beach at duskStand Up comedy shows

Things I Like – July 6, 2018

Being exhausted on Sunday nights from the weekendPeople watching and listening at the beachWater Country in WilliamsburgHeavy duty beach umbrellasWhen social media is a positive thingA young kid’s display of ingenuityBerlin’s new librarySockless weekendsEating local seafoodHow quiet Berlin is at night even in the summerWorld Cup goal celebrations

Things I Like – June 29, 2018

Sand in my truck on Monday morningsGrilled fish with no breadWhen sports announcers get excitedSunrise photosFinding my son doing his summer readingCrab claws from J&M Meat Market in BerlinOutdoor showersHumble professional athletesBeach volleyballGrilled watermelonWorld Cup upsets

Things I Like

Newly mulched flower beds before the weeds arriveBreakfast, lunch and dinner on the beachStaying in a new hotel for the first timeThe smell of a baseball stadiumSeinfeld re-runs (still funny after all these years)Steak and asparagusIsland Creamery’s milk shakesDriving back to the beach on SundaysThe Snowball Stand once a week (at least)The first and last… Read more »

Things I Like – June 15, 2018

Exhausted dogsThe early evening hours on the beachChips and salsa, queso and guacSmores off a bonfireThe streets of Berlin early in the morningBeing sore after a workoutA good surfer working a small waveTaking off a tieRoute 611 where the trees hang over the roadA little kid fishingIce cream after crabs

Things I Like – June 8, 2018

A week without weather extremesWhen the Ravens visit local schoolsHistorical documentariesAt least one morning a week with no time scheduleThe look of an old barn in a fieldWhen my kids look out for each otherRapa scrappleEarly morning peace and quiet at homeBig puffy clouds and a blue skyCatching the lights from Berlin to West OCA… Read more »

Things I Like – June 1, 2018

Living at the beach and not working Memorial Day weekendSteam coming off a pile of crabsChilled asparagusClose playoff gamesHandwritten notes from my kidsA drastic temperature change after a stormCrushed ice with a fountain drinkA/C on a humid dayBeing able to bike to workSmell of a towel after a beach dayLightning bugs across a field

Things I Like – May 25, 2018

Kid sleepoversNothing but seafood for dinnerBiking around Berlin with my sonA hammock napFried chicken for the beachSmall live music venuesBrick sidewalksConstructive criticismAn empty dishwasherHearing an old typewriter at workSports radio every morning

Things I Like – May 18, 2018

Smell of an old bookA week without drastic weather swingsGuacamoleShort, productive phone callsSeeing my kids try a new food and liking itFlip flop weatherPeople watching in a hotel lobbyOcean sounds in a conch shellA group of kids doing the “floss”Night pool swimmingSmell of a new book

Things I Like – May11, 2018

Exploring new placesBuzzer beaters in the playoffsThe look of a house with a new roofFacebook memories of something forgottenThat a movie theater is coming back to West OCComing home to a clean house after being awayBeach bonfires on cool nightsPeople’s reactions crossing the finish line of a raceBack when youth sports were not held on… Read more »