Things I Like – April 16, 2021

Cherry blossoms in full bloomThe exhaustion after working outside all dayPlaying any sport with my kidsGreat restaurants within walking distance from homeBrick sidewalks that hold upQuiet vehiclesHow much libraries have changedSmell of breakfast foods in the houseEasy return policiesWhen the O’s beat the YankeesFreeman Arts Pavilion’s lineup this year

Things I Like – April 9, 2021

Baby birds chirpingReceiving word of a grant approvalStories shining a spotlight on good deedsMen in suspendersWhen my son needs a hand to holdA cold beer with spicy wingsNew shoes that feel oldAn old dog’s kind soulLearning something new in a biographyHearing kids at recess in the distanceA quiet dishwasher

Things I Like – April 2, 2021

High school lacrosse gamesEaster bonnetsMy kids helping with a landscape projectDaffodilsWhen a referral turns into a saleHearing geese flying over headWeekends with no homeworkWearing clothes fresh out of the dryerAn empty dishwasherA puppy’s smooth bellyGiggles coming from upstairs

Things I Like – March 26, 2021

Adults with silly nicknamesGetaways to the Hyatt in CambridgeCompromisingMarch Madness upsetsDriving through small Eastern Shore townsWhen a complicated matter gets resolvedSeeing my kid overcome a challengeWhen a soccer game goes to penalty kicksHal Adkins’ recognition last weekThe temperature swings of springWhen free throws win a hoops game

Things I Like – March 19, 2021

Being able to sit outside againHearing live music on the streets of BerlinLines outside local restaurantsA nice stretch of blue sky daysA lost dog reunited with its familyEvents canceled last year being held this yearWhen a home remodeling project is all doneTrying out a new restaurant in a new townFacebook memoriesComeback athlete storiesGenerous charitable acts

Things I Like – March 12, 2021

Music playing in a houseStreaming live televisionWatching kids playing in our yardThe efficiency of Zoom meetingsOprah’s interview styleReading my kids’ body languagePublic schools playing sports againSaving money through a self-repairWhen government helps peopleShort poems with deep meaningsSleeping through a storm

Things I Like – March 5, 2021

A school delay on Monday morningSeeing smiling kids leaving schoolThrasher’s after a long walk on the boardsEmbracing the positivesLearning from the negativesA smooth settlement dayFinding brick when removing a wallEating with a view of the waterConstructive criticism from a readerAt least one nice weekend dayIn-depth Sunday newspaper articles

Things I Like – February 26, 2021

The movie, “Peanut Butter Falcon”When my son says something about his school dayWill Ferrell on ‘Saturday Night Live”Learning the features of a new phoneDays I see the sunrise and sunsetStiff animal abuse punishmentsA zero balance credit card statementSmell of fresh paint in a houseHelping someone pull off a prankBrick oven pizzaThe first shower after a… Read more »

Things I Like – February 19, 2021

Seeing kids smiling during a gameBeing full after splitting a dozen crabs with my wifeMoving snow around with my leaf blowerA blue sky day in FebruaryAn old photo albumSmell of fresh mulchLeaving a hospitalBikes that don’t rustWorking on a rainy dayHaving off on a sunny dayWhen karma does its thing

Things I Like – February 12, 2021

A great movie based off an even better bookCelebrities who leave huge tipsHot burgers fresh off the grillScanning magazine covers at a storeA sunny day after a snow stormHand-written thank you notesGood news at a doctor’s appointmentThe joy in a dog chasing a ball on the beachOld album collectionsMemorial services who celebrate the deceasedA well-timed… Read more »