Worcester Prep Students Raise More Than $4,000 Collecting General Mills Box Tops

Over the past five years, students collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education have raised more than $4,000 for Worcester Prep, collecting between 10,000-12,000 a year. The money received from General Mills contributes to the WPS Annual Fund, which is used for upgrades and improvements to the school’s infrastructure, programs and technology.  WPS Lower School… Read more »

Offshore in October

Lots of us have been patiently waiting for someone to get offshore and report back what might still be hanging around in the canyons.  The wait ended today when the crew of the Boss Hogg out of Sunset Marina headed out and returned with an awesome report.  Boss Hogg found the water in the Washington… Read more »

Citation Flounder

We had a beautiful fall day in Ocean City today.  Light winds, cool morning temperatures and sunny skies had some anglers out taking advantage of the gorgeous weather.  I got word that some of the offshore fleet is planning on getting out to the canyons tomorrow or Thursday so hopefully I’m able to report of… Read more »

Puppy Drum and Flounder

It was pretty windy first thing this morning, but otherwise it was a beautiful fall day.  The temperature started this morning in the low 50s and it was mostly sunny all day.  Thanks to the runoff from all of the rain over the weekend the tide was higher than normal and the water was a… Read more »

Pitboss Down Under

What is good news for those of us living in and around Ocean City is terrible news for those that live in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.  Ocean City is no longer in hurricane Matthew’s projected path so it looks like we are in the clear and some guys are even saying it may be… Read more »