Gorgeous Day Off Here

I just got back from a long ride coming back from the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA and was greeted by a nice report from Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star who had some beautiful conditions today and some nice tog over the rail.Such a gorgeous day off here; slight swell from… Read more »

Things I Like – February 8, 2019

The crazy weather extremes hereBaby gigglesSteamed crabs for lunch in FebruaryAirports with clean restroomsSpring-like days in FebruaryListening to kids talk to each otherWhen a mistake is ultimately a good thingPhotos of Punxsutawney PhilA stocked fridge after a grocery runCBS Sunday MorningScrolling through tweets

Worcester Prep Teachers Hosts Annual Bread Sale

Worcester Prep teachers Tracey Berry and Kelley Burton hosted the annual Bread Sale with their second graders as part of a hands-on learning lesson combining English, science, social studies, mathematics and philanthropy. The month-long project is modeled like a small business, with the students baking the bread and then selling it in their classroom cafe… Read more »

Ocean City Elementary School Kicks Off Annual Kids Heart Challenge

Ocean City Elementary School recently kicked of its annual 2019 Kids Heart Challenge. This year’s Jump Event raised money for the American Heart Association to research new methods to help heart and stroke patients and provide support for those suffering with heart disease. OCES students have already raised $24,000 toward their school goal of $26,000. Left, physical… Read more »