Catchin’ Up

It was a very windy one today folks…..still is.  Wind is expected to lay out a little bit tonight, but it’s still forecast to blow for a couple of days which will probably keep most ocean going boats at the dock.  I didn’t see very many boats on the bay today, but there were plenty… Read more »

October Bigeye

Today was the last relatively temperate day before it get HOT for a couple of days.  The wind blew up a little more than the weatherman predicted, but we’re used to that kind of thing by now so lots of anglers were still out on the water.  I had a fun trip with George Smith… Read more »

Good Inshore Fishing

It was a gorgeous fall day today in and around Ocean City and the annoying little cars are gone.  Winds were a little blowy this morning, but it’s calmed down nicely now and overall it was a sunny, warm, beautiful day.  Tomorrow looks to bring an even better day before it gets HOT for a… Read more »

And a Wahoo For The Kid

Today started off reely nice with sunny skies, warm temps and calm seas, but by the time the afternoon rolled around it was rough as a cob in the ocean.  The Hooked on OC crew and I livestreamed the Ocean City Grand Prix offshore power boat races today and both races were cut short due… Read more »

Wahoo, Swords and Tunas

It was yet another nice day on the beach with warm temperatures and sunny skies.  The wind was blowing enough to make the trip out a bit rough for ocean boats, but it was worth the trip for several that stuck it out.  Bay fishing was enjoyable and productive with clean water on the high… Read more »


This is a fishing report so I won’t be writing about the cars.  They are a pain in the (rhymes with grass)….and there are a lot of them in town right now.  I’m all for young people having fun and showing off their rides, but be respectful, don’t be a jerk and most importantly drive… Read more »

Windy One

It was another unseasonably warm day today, and it was a windy one as well.  I was offshore and it was every bit of 6′ and pretty close together so it made trolling interesting and bottom fishing tons of fun.  Anglers still stuck it out and were able to put some good fish in coolers.The… Read more »

Jumbo Bass and Triggers

We had another beautiful “fall” day today with sunny skies and warmer than normal temperatures and there were lots of folks out fishing.  I even dropped a few sand fleas on the south jetty to no avail where the wind was blowing pretty good out of the south and there were some big sets breaking… Read more »

Windy Sea Bass

Today felt more like the second day of summer than it did the second day of fall.  It was warm!  Nice and sunny today, but the breeze did pick up pretty good this afternoon.  Thankfully it laid out nicely by this evening and the next couple of days look very nice for fishermen.Captain Monty Hawkins… Read more »