Stunning Day On The Ocean Pond the vid for some awesome deals at Sunset Provisions!Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star posted a picture to Facebook first thing this morning and most everyone knew right away that he and hi anglers were really going to enjoy themselves.  It was absolutely beautiful, slick calm….and the fish bit!A stunning day, an ocean… Read more »

A Far Nicer Day are some real good sales on apparel right now at Sunset Provisions!Local anglers had another window of opportunity open for today with light winds and calmer seas.  There’s not much going on in the ocean other than tautog unless we have some rockfish cruise by so that’s what it’ll be until further notice.Captain Monty… Read more »

Tog Time’ve still got time to catch the 12 Days of Christmas at Atlantic Tackle!!Winter showed up quick today when temperatures fell more than 40 degrees in just a few hours as a strong front pushed through the area this afternoon.  I was headed across the Bay Bridge and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the… Read more »

Wait, What? Fishing?!?! out the 12 Days of Christmas at Atlantic Tackle in the above vid!We’ve had some non-fishable weather over the past couple of weeks and now that MD sea bass season is closed there are even less folks interested in getting out on the water.  We will hopefully see a run of striped bass inside… Read more »

Still Some Rockfish Around the vid to see some great stuff at Sunset Provisions!The wind has been blowing most of the week so there hasn’t been a whole lot of fishing going on.  There are still plenty of small rockfish in the back bays and around the OC inlet so if you do get a window of opportunity… Read more »

Limit of Tautog and A 14 Pound Sheepshead the vid for some new stuff from Squidnation at Atlantic Tackle!We’ve got another weather window opened up for anglers to get out and bend a rod on some of this great late fall fishing that’s going on.  There’s just over a week left of Maryland Black Sea bass season so get out there soon… Read more »

Beautiful Day With A Decent Bite out some NEW Squidnation product available at Atlantic Tackle in West Ocean City!Mother Nature opened up another short weather window today and some local party boats took full advantage of it.  There were some anglers catching rockfish on the north jetty and at the route 50 bridge as well.  It was a nice December… Read more »

Added Up Nicely Nature has got us on land more than on the water lately and that continues for the next couple of days.  Thankfully things were calm enough today for some of the bottom fishing fleet to get out.Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a slow start to today’s trip, but by the end things… Read more »

Another Boat Limit day to be on the ocean and a great day to be on the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins!Man. It was nice to get back out. And what a day too. So calm.. Locals Andrew & Nikki did the deed on today’s reef blocks. We deployed them at Lucas Alexander’s Reef. While there I took… Read more »