Back to Some Good Fishing

Today was the nicest day we’ve seen in quite some time with warm temps, sunny skies and although the wind blew a little out of the south, it wasn’t bad and folks were still able to get fishing.  The offshore fleet was back in the canyons, the ocean going party boat fleet was back on… Read more »


We finally had a nice day today that didn’t include a stiff breeze.  Some boats were able to get out to the canyons again where they found some billfish releases, some mahi and even a couple of yellowfin tuna.  Captain Mark Hoos on the Marli released a white marlin and had some mahi, white Captain… Read more »

Signs of Life

From a fisherman’s perspective we’ve been in a pretty miserable weather pattern over the past week.  The sun has shown at times, but the rain and WIND have made conditions very tough in the bay and impossible in the ocean.  I’m pretty certain no boats have been past the sea buoy in several days and… Read more »

Miserable Out There

Sure it was partly cloudy and temps felt nice, but boy was it windy again today!  It was even windier than it has been the past couple of days and the bay is getting reely dirty.  Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters thinks it might be two weeks before it cleans up again and… Read more »

Windy Again!

Although it was mostly sunny for most of the day and very nice as far as temperatures go, we had to deal with a stiff northeast wind once again today.  It also rained pretty good this evening over at least Ocean City and Ocean Pines so that won’t help bay conditions clean up any.  There… Read more »

Dirty Water, But the Bluefish Bit

Today’s temperatures felt more like the end of September than the third week in August, but I for one will take it.  A strong northeast wind off of the ocean and some passing fronts helped cool it down considerably, but the byproduct of that wind is a rough ocean and a dirty bay.  I don’t… Read more »

Slow Day at the 2019 MidAtlantic

As we expected early in the week, today’s offshore weather was terrible.  The wind was a stiff 20+ knots out of the south and I heard from one captain that fished today that it was “stacked up and rough!”  Thanks to that weather only 6 boats of the 156 registered in the 2019 MidAtlantic tournament… Read more »