Nice Looking Weekend Coming Up out the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina with some Bishop Broadbill Bash action!!Today started off pretty cold as temps got down into upper 30s in some inland areas.  I had frost at my house for the first time this year and it never got out of hooded sweatshirt weather for most.  Thankfully the wind… Read more »

2022 Bishop Broadbill Bash Results out the Daily Catch at the Ocean City Fishing Center!Today was the second and final day of the 2022 Bishop Broadbill Bash put on by Sunset Marina and now the results are in and the checks are handed out.  Many thanks to Sunset Marina and Dave Messick for the pics.  Congratulations to this year’s… Read more »

Wind And A Gnarly Chop out the Daily Catch at the Ocean City Fishing Center!We had a nice fall day on land today with warm temps and sunny skies, but out in the ocean it was a little bit different story as yesterday’s front had made it out there and roughed things up a bit.  Tomorrow looks like a… Read more »

Big Ol’ Back Bay Flounder had the chance to get on the bay on this beautiful day and do some fishing with my very good friend Dale Timmons and we had a great time.  Fishing with Dale is a great time even when we catch nothing so today was a huge bonus.  We used Sunset Provisions live spot on… Read more »

Good Bite Once Again Today the vid for some “sucky” products at Sunset Provisions!We had another beautiful fall day today with warm temps, sunny skies and little to no wind most of the day.  It was a great day to get on the water, especially with fewer crowds around.  Looks like we’ve got another nice day on tap tomorrow… Read more »

Swordfish and Tilefish are Snapping! out RoShamBo’s MD state record swordfish catch!!Today was an absolutely beautiful day to be on the ocean!!  I was able to go fishing on the RoShamBo with Captain Willie Zimmerman and I can tell you first hand it was slick calm and gorgeous!  I was joined by John Wittmyer from Crabs to Go, Bryan… Read more »