Limit and Headed Home By 10 AM was another beautiful October day today with warmer than average temperatures and sunny skies all day long.  The water in the back bays has cleaned up pretty nicely over the past few days which has been helpful for the flounder bite, and offshore the tuna chunking is stupendous!I got a text just after church… Read more »

Tuna and Flounder Fishing Are On Fire was an absolutely beautiful fall day today with sunny skies and temps in the mid 70s in and around Ocean City.  The wind blew up pretty good out of the south this afternoon roughing up the ocean a bit and making bay drifting pretty tough, but there were still plenty of fish caught on… Read more »

Good Fishing and Awesome Fall Temperatures ocean was a little turbulent today, but sky conditions and temperatures were just where lots of folks like them.  There weren’t as many boats out in the canyons today thanks to the rougher conditions, but there were still some tunas caught and ocean bottom fishing was bumpy, but productive.The crew of the Wrecker out… Read more »

Trout in the OC Inlet was truly a fall day today with cool morning temperatures, sunny skies and a chilly breeze out of the northwest.  There wasn’t a lot going on in the ocean and traffic on the bay was light, but there was a little fishing going on.Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters was fishing the OC… Read more »

Nice Fishing, But Sloppy the video link for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleWell the wind blew again today and the ocean was again rough, but it was fishable and there were fish to be caught.  Tomorrow looks to be another rough one in the ocean and some boats have already cancelled because of it.  There was some… Read more »

And The Tunas Were Snappin’ the video link for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleThere was a little window of little wind this morning which gave the ocean going fleet enough time to venture out for a nice day of fishing.  The offshore guys headed to the deep where the tunas were snapping very well and the ocean bottom… Read more »

Decent Fishing in Some Dirty Water the video link for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleIt was another windy one today with strong northwest winds blowing most of the day.  So windy in fact that I only know of one boat that went into the ocean and they reported it was “top three roughest days this summer.”  The wind has… Read more »

Fish Too Big To Keep the video for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleIt was a beautiful day on the water today with sunny skies, not much wind and awesome fall temperatures.  It was too good to pass up….so I didn’t.  I took the Fish in OC skiff out for a few hours this afternoon with some live bunker… Read more »

We Need the Wind to Let Up the video link for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleMan this wind suuuuuuucks!  The rain from yesterday cleared out pretty quickly, but it left a pretty good wind out of the northeast behind it.  It was a beautiful day on land today with cool fall temperatures and sunny skies, but the wind was blowing… Read more »