First Keeper Tautog of 2020

I was pleased to have the 2nd day of the new year produce my 2nd fishing report as well as some of my buddies were out taking advantage of what started out as a nice day.  It was flat calm first thing this morning, but by this afternoon the wind had picked up something fierce… Read more »

New Year’s Eve Toggin’

My final fishing report of 2019 comes in from Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star who will probably bring me one of the first fishing reports of 2020.  Thank you to all of our readers and we look forward to seeing you for another awesome year in 2020!!Ocean offered a confused sea this day… Read more »

World Record Pomfret Update

I reported last night on a pomfret that was caught out of Ocean City by angler Jeff Rosenkilde while fishing with Tony Freiji, Mike Freiji, Brendan Barbey and Jeremy Scott that was thought to be a bigscale pomfret of more than 22 pounds that could potentially break the current IGFA world record.  As of yesterday’s… Read more »

New World Record Pomfret?

The weather changed a little for the worse today with some pretty good rain this afternoon, but temps were still relatively warm and there was zero wind once again.I saw the first pomfret that I’ve ever seen caught out of Ocean City less than a month ago, and today I got to see the second. … Read more »

Found The Swords us up for another unseasonably warm day with light winds and mostly sunny skies.  It’s been so nice the past week that I’m nervous for what Mother Nature has in store for us in January and February.  Nonetheless, the weather has been fantastic and fishermen are certainly enjoying it.Over the past few years we’ve… Read more »

Day After Christmas Tautog and Rock

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and I hope all are still having an awesome Hanukkah!  I had a terrific Christmas with family and although I didn’t expect any fishing reports yesterday, I did get one from my buddy David Wells.  Seems one of his gifts was getting to… Read more »

Flat Calm Seas and Jumbo Sea Bass

Just one more shopping day before Christmas to get over to Atlantic Tackle and take advantage of the awesome sales they have going on!We have truly been blessed by some beautiful weather to start this winter.  It almost doesn’t feel like winter with warmer than average temperatures, sunny skies and very, very light winds.  Captain… Read more »

Stupid December Fishing

Not stupid in a bad way, stupid like reely, reely good!  Throw on some unbelievable weather and I’ve got one terrific fishing report.  Pelagics are still snapping out in the canyons, big sea bass are chomping over ocean structure and we’ve even had some rockfish show up inside of three miles for some very happy… Read more »