Billfish Bonanza

By Scott LenoxIt was another nice day in the ocean today and though it wasn’t a busy day in the ocean, some more boats headed offshore to the canyons to get back into a rhythm.  Some of the ocean going party boat fleet was back on the rip again as well to check if the… Read more »

Fish Are Still Here

By Scott LenoxAfter an unwanted hiatus from the ocean a couple of Fish in OC charter boats made their way out to the canyons today to see if there were still some fish around.  After a blow like Hermine it can be difficult to decide where to drop the lines in because there’s no baseline… Read more »

Gettin’ Back At It

By Scott LenoxPost-tropical cyclone Hermine continues to linger off of the coast far enough away that we aren’t seeing any rain, but close enough that we are experiencing higher than normal tides and some residual winds.  Onshore today it was blowing out of the NW from 15-20 knots with some gusts almost reaching 30 knots,… Read more »

Fishing In No Time

By Scott LenoxNow that post-tropical cyclone Hermine is out to sea it’s time to think fishing again.  She definitely messed things up inshore and offshore for a few days, but it could have been much worse.  Hermine was predicted to stall just off our coast through Wednesday and then slowly meander to the north and… Read more »

Here Comes Hermine

By Scott LenoxLast week I mentioned that tropical depression #8 would be impacting the coast and messing up our fishing for a few days, and then tropical depression #9 would follow in right behind and mess it up for a few days longer…..oh how I wish that were true now.Tropical depression #8 didn’t mess our… Read more »

Sums Our Day Up

By Scott LenoxOcean City was spared any bad weather at all by tropical depression #8 when it decided to head to the north east sooner than expected.  Conditions were supposed to deteriorate in the ocean starting on Wednesday and maybe ruin offshore fishing through the coming weekend.  TS #8 stayed well offshore and we had… Read more »

Fingers Crossed

By Scott LenoxThis forecast is tough!  The Baltimore to Hatteras Canyon forecast out to 100 nautical miles for tomorrow isn’t too bad….E 5-15 knots becoming E to NE 10-20 knots, seas 3-5 feet….that’s fishable.  The Baltimore to Hatteras Canyon forecast from 150 nautical miles to 250 nautical miles offshore for tomorrow is S winds increasing… Read more »