Chilly but Calm deals going on at Sunset Provisions in West Ocean City through Christmas!Fishing reports are much fewer and farther between this time of year thanks to Mother Nature’s winter attitude.  We’ll see far fewer days that are fishable thanks to wind and cold, but there is still plenty of good fishing to get us all… Read more »

On The Meat Yesterday rained so much today that the ducks were even pissed.  We are looking at some more nasty weather for this week as we move from some rain and wind today to cooler temperatures and more rain and wind mid-week.  Northern areas are forecast to get some pretty significant snowfall as we see a mainly… Read more »

Another 20 Pound Tautog was an absolutely beautiful day today and the wind didn’t blow quite as hard as the weatherman said it would so there were was plenty of fishing going on.  Temps got into the upper 60s around midday and some anglers reported being able to shed layers down to a tee shirt for a while… Read more »

Another Great Day of Fishing was another nice day today on land and sea with warmer than normal temperatures and lighter than normal winds.  There were some rock and tog caught in the back bay and inlet area and the ocean going fleet had another great day of fishing over ocean structure.  The wind started blowing this evening so… Read more »

Some Jumbo Sea Bass had a nice day today in and around Ocean City with warm temps, sunny skies and light winds….too bad I had to spend it in front of the computer.  Fish in OC magazine for 2021 is in the queue so I’m busy making ads, checking articles and looking for pics so fishing for me… Read more »

Sea Bass in a Light December Drizzle weather is looking good for some ocean bottom fishing tomorrow and the fish have been biting well for Captain Monty Hawkins and the crew of the Morning Star.  We have reached the time of year you might want to consider long underwear and a warm jacket.Crew tells me there was a light snow early… Read more »

MD DNR Drops Minimum State Record Qualifying Weight for Swordfish

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced today that the minimum weight for state record consideration for swordfish has been dropped from 350 pounds to 300 pounds effective immediately.  Although several swordfish have been caught over 400 pounds in Maryland they have all been caught using electric or hydraulic reels which disqualifies them from state… Read more »

December Doormats definitely felt like December today with a very cold start this morning and snow flurries in a lot of areas for a while.  The sun wasn’t out for long either, but the wind wasn’t bad so some boats got out to see what fishing was all about.Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler got out… Read more »

Another Great Day Slaying Schoolies was a decent day for about 2 hours when the wind wasn’t quite howling and the sun was out, but we’re several days into a late autumn blow that has had the ocean closed for business.  The ocean bottom fishing fleet has been tied to the dock for most of the week and will… Read more »

Limits of Tog and Sea Bass had a very small weather window open up today that was just long enough to allow the ocean bottom fleet to get out and put some fish in the box.  Unfortunately that small window slams shut tomorrow and stays closed at least through the weekend.  There are some rockfish and tog being caught in… Read more »