Good Fishing Continues

It was another cool, windy day in Ocean City today, but the sun was shining and the fish were biting so there were some folks out bending a rod.Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break Charters had Norm Thurston from Pasadena, MD on board today and they had a great trip.  Lucky Break ended the day… Read more »

Fish in The Wind and Cold out the vid for flounder gear available at Atlantic Tackle!We are in another stretch of windy weather the past few days with winds blowing 15-25 mph with higher gusts.  Yesterday there was no fishing at all and today it was light, but there were still some guys out there getting bent.Captain Jason Mumford of… Read more »

Some Flounder in the Fog out the video for rockfish and tautog gear available at Atlantic Tackle.Man it was FOGGY this morning!  So foggy that I almost didn’t go fishing to film a new episode of Hooked on OC.  My boat is docked so close to the Thorofare though that I decided to give it a go and I’m… Read more »

Beautiful Weather, Good Fishing the video to see tautog and rockfish gear at Atlantic Tackle.It was another beautiful spring day today with warm temps, sunny skies and little to no wind for most of the day.  The breeze did pick up this afternoon, but it wasn’t too bad and by that time the fishing damage had been done.I… Read more »

Beautiful Day and The Weekend Looks Better out the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic Tackle to see tautog and rockfish gear!Today started off a little cool, but by this afternoon it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was sunny, warm and the wind was hardly blowing and this weekend looks to be even better.  The bay cleaned up enough for some flounder to get… Read more »