Yellowfin Tuna in May out the Daily Catch at the Ocean City Fishing Center with Captain Chris Little of Talkin’ Trash talking about the 2nd white marlin of the season worth $5,000.I got home reel early this morning after a fun night of bowfishing with Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing for a new episode of… Read more »

Get Ready For Memorial Day Weekend Tackle and the Sunset Marina properties are open for business….including the restaurants (takeout).  Check out the video for details.The Memorial Day Holiday is upon us starting tomorrow and thankfully the grip of Covid-19 is loosening all the time.  Businesses are still under restrictions, restaurants are still just take-out or delivery and face coverings have… Read more »

Rough Water Sea Bassin’ Sunset Marina properties are open for business!!  Check out the video for details.We had some great weather over the weekend, but that is about to change big time.  Sunny skies and light winds gave way to clouds and stiff breezes this afternoon and it looks to get worse before it gets any better.  We’re… Read more »

Crab Pie out the recipe in episode #300 of Hooked on OC.  Cooking segment starts at 27:35Crab PieIngredients 1 Pound jumbo lump crab meat 2 Pie Crusts (this recipe will make 2 pies) 4 oz of onion diced (or shallots) 8 oz of Swiss cheese 2 Tablespoons flour 3 large eggs 1 cup heavy cream 1/2… Read more »

Keeper Rockfish

The weather looks a little chilly this weekend, but I would imagine now that MD Governor Larry Hogan has lifted restrictions on recreational boating and catch and release fishing, and OC Mayor Rick Mehan has ordered the Ocean City beaches, boardwalk and inlet parking lot opened that it’s going to be a pretty busy weekend… Read more »

Maryland Lifts Boating and Fishing Restrictions two days after receiving the awesome news that Ocean City, MD will be opening up the inlet parking lot, beach and boardwalk we got more good news today when Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that restrictions that had been put on recreational boating and catch and release fishing will also be lifted.  Beginning at… Read more »

First Keeper Flounder of the Season have had a pretty chilly couple of weeks all things considered with just a few days getting into the 70s or better.  Today was another day that started off nice, but by the time we reeled in the last rig on our flounder trip, my wife Kristen and I were downright cold.  The wind… Read more »