November Swordfish has it gotten chilly or what?!?!  November has certainly ushered in some more fall like temperatures with daytime highs in the 50s and nighttime lows dipping into the upper 30s in some spots.  Whatevs….there are fish to catch so bundle up and get out there.Captain Willie Zimmerman and the crew of the RoShamBo bundled… Read more »

Good Fishing When Mother Nature Cooperates started off very nice with cool fall temperatures, sunny skies and virtually zero wind, but it has since turned to crap.  Currently it is raining, temps are in the 40s and there is a pretty good wind puffing up.  This weather is something that we can expect in November so it’s very nice to… Read more »

Still Some Flounder Around Halloween Boos and Ghouls!!!! We had a nice day today after a couple of pretty terrible weather days.  The wind started blowing hard on Friday and brought some pretty good flooding to the area.  Throw some rain on top of that and it was definitely not conducive for fishing.  It looks to calm down… Read more »

Such A Nice Day at Sea the vid for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleI just got back from a fun night with my squad at Frightland up in Delaware where we got our Halloween fix on and got a good scare a couple of times.  My service up there sucked so it’s a late report….but better late than never.It… Read more »

Worth the Wait the vid for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleThe wind from yesterday was left over early this morning which made the ocean pretty rough to start.  It had calmed down nicely by late morning making it worth the wait for some of the boats that made late departures to let Mother Ocean settle down…. Read more »

The Awesome Tuna Bite Continues out the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleThe wind was blowing hard this afternoon and it was rough as a corn cob in the bay and in the ocean.  It lays down quick in the morning and tomorrow looks beautiful so some might get off to a late start to let things settle down, but… Read more »

Great Inshore Fishing and More Nice Tunas the vid for the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic Tackle.It was an unseasonably warm day today with highs reaching into the upper 70s in most places, but it was also a good day to get out on the water and do some fishing.  There was a good bite inshore today and the tuna fleet was… Read more »

Twenty Four Days Without A Boat out the Angler’s Advantage at Atlantic TackleIt was a typical fall day today with cool temps and a little wind with not much fishing going on.  The bay is most likely pretty dirty and the ocean will need a second to calm down, but it won’t be long at all and fish will be… Read more »

Bay Fishing Only felt way more like fall today with a cool breeze and temperatures in the 60s.  The sun was shining and there wasn’t any precipitation, but the wind was blowing enough that the ocean was closed for business.  Thankfully a couple of our inshore partners were on the bay and inlet and there were some… Read more »