Some Pretty Good Fishing Going On

Brian Reynolds fished the Pocomoke today as well where he caught some yellow perch and this nice 15 pound catfish.We have certainly had what lots of folks would call a mild winter so far, but it looks like we’ll be paying back for the first several days of March.  This week looks decent enough with… Read more »

Sporty Seas and 5 Double Digit Tautog was a chilly one today, but for the most part it was your average late February weather day.  Temps in the 40s, lightish winds and intermittent clouds and sun….like I said, average.  In the ocean it was a tale of two seas as this morning was pretty calm, but this afternoon it was real… Read more »

Tog On A Day Cut Short was about as wintery a day we’ve seen so far this year with cold temps and intermittent snow showers throughout the day.  We saw snow showers in Ocean Pines for several hours today, but there was no accumulation and it really didn’t impact driving much.  There were fewer folks out and about because of… Read more »

Too Bad We Can’t Keep A Sea Bass little cooler today, but thanks to the lack of wind it was another beautiful day to be out on the ocean in search of tautog.  The wind blows for the next couple of days ushering in some record breaking warm temperatures in the 70s and possibly 80s tomorrow, and then there’s a chance of… Read more »

Right Whales and Tautog fishable day in February is a good day, and if temps get into the 50 and 60s on a fishable day in February it’s a great day!  We’re looking at a very mild week where temps on Thursday could get into the 70s in some spots so let’s hope the wind cooperates too.Captain Monty… Read more »

Rough Water Toggin’ just finished an awesome dinner with Kristen after a super busy weekend at the Ocean City Boat Show where we were humbled by the love and support that many of you showed us.  We had countless folks come to the booth and tell us how much they enjoy my fishing report, Kristen’s cooking and… Read more »

Tautog Up to 18.5 Pounds’ve had a very mild winter so far this year with many days seeing temps in the 50s and sometimes 60s and today was some more of that awesomeness.  The wind also cooperated today so that some boats could get out on the ocean and there were some nice tautog coming up over the rail.Captain… Read more »

Warm Weather and Big Tautog’ve had some more very warm temperatures the past few days, and since the wind has been cooperating we’ve seen some folks out hitting the water.  The fish are responding well too with good catches being reported around.Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides took advantage of today’s nice weather and headed to the tog grounds… Read more »

Tautog On The Rip and Rock at Route 90 was a warm, beautiful day here in Harrisburg, PA for the Great American Outdoor Show and it was a beautiful day back home in OC.Big Bird Cropper and Shaun Flaherty took advantage of today’s gorgeous weather and chucked some Roy Rigs at the route 9o bridge with much success.  The guys caught and released… Read more »