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Bicycle Sting Needed


It seems the news focus in Ocean City has been on buskers and costumed characters on the Boardwalk. As a driver and pedestrian, I see an issue of far greater importance, namely, the flagrant violation of the traffic laws by bicyclists.

It has become almost common for bicyclists to ignore the red signal on the Ocean Highway. The violators include families, lifeguards, student workers, etc. As a driver, I have almost struck riders while entering the highway from a side street. As a pedestrian, I have nearly been hit by riders while properly crossing in the crosswalk. It seems that this behavior could be greatly modified if the Ocean City police set up bicycle traps.

One officer in street clothes could man a corner with a traffic signal and radio ahead a block or two to fellow officers when the red light is run by a bicycler. If enough riders are stopped, we could see a great improvement in a short time.

Arthur Glaser

Ocean City


Rental Hearing Reflections


The complexion of Ocean City has changed greatly since the building boom 15 years ago. We created the concrete jungle of Coastal Highway, adding thousands of residential units, eliminating many commercial applications. Many in Tuesday night’s meeting reaped vast economic gain from that out-of-control housing market. Now that the horse is out of the barn, property owners are requesting “exclusivity,” a very thin line being treaded relative to Fair Housing regulations.

The issue is not the location of the rental nor the property owners. It is the profile of the vacationers.

Since I travel Route 50 into Ocean City to my office at 62nd Street every day, I drive our roadways before the sun comes up over the ocean and the street cleaners complete their morning tasks. The increasing amount of road trash is evident. Tipped-over waste receptacles, people asleep on bus stop benches, people roaming the sidewalks and roadways.

Society has become very disrespectful of itself and others in their environments, which they too often bring to our beach resort.

It is the responsibility of the property owners to “see something, say something” when unacceptable behavior is witnessed.

It is the responsibility of the property owners in these targeted areas to establish and enforce their communities’ peace and harmony.

Comments were made about the responsibility of the Rental Companies: the two-plus rule has always applied, two per bedroom plus two on a sleep sofa. Vacationers are, for the most part, respectful of that rule and do abide.

There are some who elect to over-crowd rental properties, knowingly ignoring the regulations very clearly defined in lodging agreements. Property managers and Homeowner’s Associations must monitor problem properties, reporting the issues to all responsible parties, rental companies, property managers and property owners.

We must all encourage active participation in nurturing and preserving the financial spine of this resort town – the vacationers. The “not in my back yard” request of a select few is not the cure.

Joy Snyder

Ocean City

(The writer has been a local real estate broker for more than 40 years.)


Boat Parade Wonderful


I want to thank everyone who had participated in the Festival of Boats for doing such a fantastic job. In spite of the rain, this fun event didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the participants or spectators. Everyone went beyond the call of duty by doing a fabulous job in dressing themselves and their boats. Not only the participants but the spectators enjoyed the parade of all the boats parading down the canals.

If it were not for you and your enthusiasm, this parade would not have been such an overwhelming success. The entire parade reflected your hard work, organization, and creativity.

It was the first time Fred Heinlen, my co-chair, and I had done a parade and we were initially a bit apprehensive but quite pleased with the results which were possible because of you. Again thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you again in next year’s boat parade.

Fred Heinlen and Steve Stein

(The writers served as co-chairs.)


Support Appreciated


The Berlin Heritage Foundation’s Peach Festival Committee extends heartfelt thanks to all those who made our sixth annual festival a great success. We are grateful to all those who donated funds, prizes or in-kind services, volunteered, performed, demonstrated and sold crafts and art, shared educational information, provided delicious food and beverages, judged pies, dared to join in a pie-eating contest or sport a peach tattoo. We also thank the more than 3,000 people who attended.

Our downtown merchants made Peach Day so much fun. Special thanks go to our major sponsors — Worcester County Arts Council, Maryland State Arts Council and Main Street Berlin — as well as to Mayor Gee Williams, the council and all the departments working for the Town of Berlin who helped to make this another great community event.

What a festive day in Berlin.

The Peach Festival Committee


Good Samaritan Thanked


After shopping in Food Lion at 118th Street, on Aug. 8, I was getting my wallet out of my purse to pay for the groceries. To my dismay, my wallet wasn’t in my purse. My bill totaled over $50.

I started searching through my purse for loose money. I could only come up with around $40. The customer behind me was reassuring me to take my time as she knew I was getting anxious. I decided I would have to remove some items in order to pay.

This lady, a total stranger, handed me a $20 bill to take care of my order. She wouldn’t give me her name or address and said it made her feel good to help. If she reads this, I would like to give her my deepest thanks.

Valerie L. Barrett

Ocean City


Floating Billboard Annoys


This vacation, I kept a list of advertisers on the floating billboard. My boycott would surely cause advertisers to flee and end this visual insult.

My opportunity came late in my week-long oceanfront visit. My family’s list of possible restaurants included one of the advertisers. We agreed to exclude the restaurant from further consideration. That was the first and last opportunity to implement my boycott. Tepid as my boycott may seem to some, I am certain the advertisers will take note and flee from this abomination.

My ocean view will still be marred by the planes, parachutes and yellow boats seeking to distract me. I am confident, though, that the worst offender will be gone. You’re welcome.

Kevin McLean

Tampa, Fla.


Common Core Resolution


(The following was sent to members of the Worcester County Board of Education.)

I thought this may be helpful to use as an anti-Common Core Template.

Whereas the Board of Education of Worcester County Public Schools, wish to express their concern regarding the development, selection, and implementation of both the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC Assessment Program.

Whereas the Board of Education is concerned with:

1. The increasing encroachment of the federal government on education issues at the state and local level.

2. The lack of local control over the development of standards and the selection of assessments that meet the needs and expectations of the local community.

3. The high costs associated with the PARCC assessment particularly associated with the need for new technology infrastructure and hardware.

4. The amount of instructional time lost to excessive assessment practices associated with the administration of PARCC assessments.

5. Continued unfunded mandates from the State of Maryland which are unduly burdensome on the taxpayers of Worcester County.

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Board of Education of Worcester County, request that elected state officials carefully review, question, and oppose legislation that provides further appropriations for the development, implementation, field testing, or administration of the Common Core Standards and the PARCC assessment program by supporting the implementation of State Standards and Assessments that are tested, proven and effective.

Fran Gebhart




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