Voices From The Readers – September 22, 2023

Voices From The Readers – September 22, 2023

Book Policy Unacceptable


In rebuttal to Gwen Lehman’s letter to the editor response, “no,” banning public school books is not about misinterpreting Huck Finn. It is about XXX pornography lurking in our public school libraries. “All Boys Aren’t Blue” depicts graphic sexual rapes between school age, male cousins, one raping his younger cousin while both enjoy the sexually explicit, underage interaction. It’s a graphic “how to” book and not a self-help book dealing with traumatic life experiences.

“A Court of Thorns and Roses” is an adult fantasy book depicting wood nymph fairies raping a little kid, stripping, bathing and painting the naked body. “Very enjoyably and imaginatively” written, it is not for our children.

The “Kite Runner” is an excellently written book depicting the raping of little street urchin Afghan boys as a normal behavior. Again, these scenes become mundane when presented as normal.

As a Worcester County taxpayer, public stakeholder, I was told by the public school coordinator of instruction and the chief safety & academic officer: I have no voice. A taxpayer must have a child currently attending our public schools to critique and complain about pornography books in the libraries. This policy is unacceptable, and having pornography available for children is worse.

Public school enrollment in our county is down and our school board can’t understand why. With CRT and DEI creeping into every classroom, I’m pretty sure I can understand why.

Stop making the abnormal “normal.” Eradicate pornography from our public school shelves.

Susan Ostrowski



Concerns Over New Business


In reference to the following article, “Proposed Butcher Operation’s Zoning Appeal Dropped,” that was published by The Dispatch on June 10,2021, the site has now morphed from a proposed slaughterhouse to a full-scale butcher shop.

If one recalls, the county denied the slaughterhouse proposal and that decision was then set for an appeal. The zoning appeal was eventually dropped by request. The original site is now home to a A-1 Agricultural District Zoned Roadside stand named, “Fresh Cut Butcher Shop.” From what we understand, it will open this fall.

The interesting part is that, for some folks who stood in opposition, or were protesting the slaughterhouse, they are now receiving notices saying that they would not be allowed on the property. If they trespass, owner Robert Ewell would exercise all legal options pursuant to 6-403 of Criminal Law Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, including notifying local law enforcement. What a “fresh start” way to open up a new business. That Ewell is some business owner.

Stewart Jay