The Resorter … Revisited – August 26, 2016

Summer of 1968 Volume XIV Edition 6 Issue Highlights • This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Mimi Trone, who was also featuerd in the Hess Apparel full-page advertisement. • An editorial headlined “High Rise Opens New Resort Era” documented the construction of the new Twenty-Twenty Boadwalk. It read, “The era of the sprawling, land-gobbling resort motel in Ocean City… Read more »

The Resorter … Revisited – June 17, 2016

Summer of 1969 Volume XIV Edition 3 Issue Highlights •The cover girl this week was Joanne Quick, who was also featured in the week’s Hess Apparel ad. •An advertisement for Captain William Bunting’s Angler Restaurant spotlighted the “new” 65-foot Angler boat, “built to our specification and fully equipped electronically. Captain Jack Bunting, your skipper …”… Read more »