The Resorter … Revisited – May 31, 2019

The Resorter … Revisited – May 31, 2019

Summer of 1977

Volume XXIII

Edition 7

Issue Highlights

This week’s “Resorter Girl” was Linda Dilks from Wilmington, Del. She was 22 years old and spending her summer working as a waitress at the Bonfire.

The newest oceanfront condominium selling units was The Quay on 107th Street. An advertisement suggested 5% down was all that was needed.

Ames Discount Department Stores was advertising its two modern stores on Route 50 and Route 1.

La Riviera Carousel Center was featuring Geoffrey Beene apparel at its Carousel location as well as in Shantytown.

The Bayside Skillet was open 24 hours a day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late supper.

Among the entertainers featured on the “After Dark” pages were George & The Diminished, Fenwick Inn Lookout; The New Censation, Paddock; Fire & Ice, Wharf; Source, Finnigan’s Rainbow; The Embers, Quarterdeck; and W.O.W., Brass Ring.

English’s at this time had three local locations — 15th Street and 137th Street in Ocean City and at the Berlin Shopping Center.