Worcester Prep 7th Graders visit Historic Sites

Worcester Prep’s seventh grade students visited Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. One of their tours was of the Godspeed, a replica of one of the three ships that sailed from England to America in 1607. Among the 50-plus students who attended were, front from left, Ben Clark, Chase Schmehling, Hannah Showell, Kyle Zarif, Meg Lingo, Libby… Read more »

OC Elementary 2nd graders show-off landform maps

Ocean City Elementary School students in Linda Brown’s second grade class proudly display their Maryland landform maps. After studying maps and geography, they created the maps using different colors of clay to show the mountains, hills and plains found in our state. Students shown are, back, Reed Welton, Tyler Bernal, Dylan Bossalina; middle, Sivan Cohen,… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

I can’t get through a football game anymore without a nap.I have always loved Saturday and Sunday afternoon football games, but they have taken on a bit of a new meaning of late. It’s become more of a time for me to nap with my little boy than to actually root on any particular team.Last… Read more »

First Graders Plant Space Exposed Seeds

Windy Phillips’ first grade class at Ocean City Elementary School recently planted space-exposed cinnamon basil seeds that flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on mission STS-118. Students are comparing the growth of the space-exposed seeds to seeds that have remained in climate-controlled conditions. Pictured, from left, are Kaela Gilligan, Cali Peters and Summer Vorsteg.

Things I Like

Things I Like

A good parallel parking job Going to the Berlin Christmas Parade each yearA big umbrella that can handle a little windThat my son is cool with wearing hatsWeekends with no plans A coffee with a little Irish in itCoupons for baby formulaA fake Christmas tree that looks realGetting holiday cards in the mailCrawling into bed… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

My son looks beautiful in a white dress.In my business, we call that a “hook lead,” which is simply a way to grab and retain the readers’ attention to encourage them to proceed to the second paragraph and beyond. Hopefully, it worked.My son’s dress was not really that. It was a christening gown my wife… Read more »

Annual Thanksgiving Feast at Tidewater School

The Tidewater School by the Sea held its traditional “Thanksgiving Feast” at the home of Nick and Julie Kypreos in Bethany Beach. The upper and lower elementary classes put on a fabulous play about “cooperation” and the pre-kindergarten students sang to all of the parents, grandparents and special friends. The students are pictured with teachers… Read more »