BIS Introduces Orchestra Program

After two years as an After-School program, Berlin Intermediate School and music teacher Lisa Adams introduced its orchestra program into the regular school day last year. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders can choose orchestra as a special area class. As part of the program this year, Dr. Jeffrey Schoyen, conductor of the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra,… Read more »

1st Graders Celebrate President’s Day

Windy Phillips’ first grade class celebrated Presidents’ Day by creating Fraction Flags and reading multiple fiction and non-fiction books. Some of the books the class read were Duck for President, The Presidency, Arthur Meets the President, The First Lady of the United States, and My Senator and Me. All the books read were about American presidents, government and American symbols. Above,… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

As I see it, the life of a parent is all about adjustments.Every day there’s something new, both for the parents and the child. It’s as if whenever he learns something, we have to become skilled at dealing with it. With each significant change in his life, we are forced to adapt. It all happens… Read more »

Worcester Prep 5th Graders Participate in National 20-20 Challenge

Students in Worcester’s fifth grade are participating in the National Association of Independent School’s 20-20 Challenge. Together with a school in Hollywood, Calif., they are taking on environmental issues related to the environment and water supplies. Lower School Technology Teacher Erika Phillips, Ocean City istaking the lead, along with Grade 5 teachers Kimberly Law and… Read more »

Things I Like

Things I Like

Watching my son feed himself Any of the breakfast meats Leaving a doctor’s office Observing a bird building a nest Driving with the sunroof open Looking forward to the grass growing again Any cream-based soup with seafood A tree that keeps its leaves all year A year long ago etched into a sidewalk A clock… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

I am constantly amazed these days at how our little boy is changing, and it seems like he picks up some new sound, facial expression or activity every day. As of this writing, some of the biggest changes I have noticed have to do with diapers, teeth and clapping. Here are some thoughts on each.Diaper… Read more »

BIS Student Takes Top Prize in Youth Poetry Contest

The National Garden Clubs recently sponsored the 2008 Youth Poetry contest. The theme for this year’s contest was “Nature’s Song.” All participating students received a certificate of participation. Addison Cook, of Berlin Intermediate School, was chosen as Maryland’s first place winner for Grade 4. Her poem, “Nature is a Symphony” has been sent on to… Read more »