WPS Celebrates Great Books By Bringing Them to Life

WPS Celebrates Great Books By Bringing Them to Life

 Lisa Petrilli, Worcester Prep’s librarian, each year works with teachers to sponsor an exciting week of the celebration of great books. Some fifth grade students, dressed as book characters, have fun discussing their favorite books. They are, front Regan Shanahan; seated, Zach Oltman, Victoria Middleton, Laura Issel, Lauren Jett and Grace Tunis; back, Lauren Dykes,… Read more »

Things I Like

Things I Like

Getting my shopping done in one dayEating crab cakes in the winterRalphie in “A Christmas Story”A good laughing fit with my sonSeeing a seal on the beachMy new Kirk McBride paintingFeeling better after being sickThe band, “Widespread Panic”Driving a street that just got pavedThe yard after a fresh load of mulchNot working the day after… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

One of the things I have always liked about being a newspaper editor is each day is different. Sure, there’s a certain routine and a little of the mundane associated with every job, but there’s always something that pops up that makes a particular day unique in this business. A new challenge often arises that’s… Read more »

BIS Students Host County Commissioners

Students at Berlin Intermediate School invited some special individuals to their school to help celebrate American Education Week in November. Students sent invitations to the County Commissioners and other local dignitaries. Above, sixth grader Summer Mattie is pictured with County Commissioner Bobby Cowger, who stopped by to see her personally

WPS Students Write Letters to Local Government

Worcester Prep freshmen, under the direction of teacher Dana Schaefer, wrote letters to government leaders encouraging them to consider making government buildings more energy efficient. The students researched possible solutions to problems with their local governmental buildings. Letters were sent to the Accomac County Council, Bethany Beach TownCouncil, Berlin Town Council, Georgetown Town Council, Ocean… Read more »

OC Elementary does “Fall Leaf Project”

Debra Quilter’s early intervention class at Ocean City Elementary School recently read a book called “Fall Leaf Project” They collected leaves with their parents, identifying different colors and counting the leaves. The leaves were packed up and shipped to a kindergarten class in Hawaii, where the students do not experience autumn. Students, from left, areBradley… Read more »