WPS Students Write Letters to Local Government

Worcester Prep freshmen, under the direction of teacher Dana Schaefer, wrote letters to government leaders encouraging them to consider making government buildings more energy efficient. The students researched possible solutions to problems with their local governmental buildings. Letters were sent to the Accomac County Council, Bethany Beach TownCouncil, Berlin Town Council, Georgetown Town Council, Ocean… Read more »

OC Elementary does “Fall Leaf Project”

Debra Quilter’s early intervention class at Ocean City Elementary School recently read a book called “Fall Leaf Project” They collected leaves with their parents, identifying different colors and counting the leaves. The leaves were packed up and shipped to a kindergarten class in Hawaii, where the students do not experience autumn. Students, from left, areBradley… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

The newsroom around our office on Fridays is usually pretty quiet since the paper is distributed that morning, but not last Friday afternoon because Beckett was in the building.After being passed around the office for a spell, there he was by my side sitting in one of my favorite new things, a seat that can… Read more »

Things I Like

Things I Like

That ‘Marley and Me’ was made into a movie The colors of a sunset on a cold day When the Ravens and Steelers play The odd noises my son makes while he eats CNN’s Planet In Peril The horse and carriage rides in Berlin Good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies The strange things for sale… Read more »