OC Elementary 2nd graders make candy turkeys

Linda Brown’s second grade class at Ocean City Elementary School recently used raisins, mini marshmallows and gumdrops to make a tail feather pattern on toothpicks and attached them to create a colorful and delicious turkey. Students showed are Shiran Lazarovich, Connor Carpenter, Skylar Moore, Eve Watsky, Taylor Curran, Ashley Rosenblatt, Sivan Cohen and Dylan Bossalina. 

Things I Like

Naps with my sonA margarita on the rocks, no salt Well-done French fries A blanket of sea foam on the Inlet rocks A long third down conversion Fried onions on a cheesesteak Rocking chairs on a front porch Taking the high road sometimesSpotting horses from the Assateague bridgeThe burly hands of an outdoorsmanQuick phone conversations

BIS Students Work To Improve Awareness on Library

The Berlin Intermediate School After School Academy’s Berlin Library Walking Club walked to the Berlin Library every Tuesday. Students gave feedback about books/CD’s/DVD’s that they’d like to see ordered, created new bulletin boards and conducted surveys among their peers to improve awareness about the library. Above, first row from left, are Rebecca Cooper, Brandon Salgueiro, Dustin Elman, Mrs…. Read more »

Stephen Decatur Students Host a Mock Wedding

Stephen Decatur High School hosted a mock wedding and reception for its Singles Living Class. Teacher Heather Patnode said the event was an activity to teach students that a wedding is about more than “the dress”. “Students had to plan, attend, dress, finance and work the wedding and the reception,” she said. Above, from left,… Read more »