Buckingham Elementary School

Buckingham Elementary School recently announced the winners of the Food Lion Coloring Contest. Pictured, front row from left, are Colby Figgs, Prutha Patel, Shyasaha Purnell and Elizabeth Horner; back row, Zachary Hickman, Taryn McCallister, Urriah Johnson, Janiah  Johnson and teacher Mark Shipley,

Worcester Prep

Lt. Dustin Martelo, a 1989 graduate of Worcester Prep, returned to his alma mater to talk with seniors about his education at the Naval Academy and his work as a Navy pilot. Martelo flies FA18 Super Hornets off the nuclear aircraft carrier US John C. Stennis in the Persian Gulf region. Pictured, front from left,… Read more »

Peggy Katona’s Dance Class

Relaxing after a ballet routine, some members of Peggy Katona’s dance class, pose for a fun poster image. They are, front from left, Hope Evans, Megan O’Donnell, Gabby Castaneda, Sarah Ann Showell, Carrie Hall; back, Brittany Flurer, Erika Martin, Katie Marshall, Paige Spangler, Zoe Kulina and Julian Greer.

Things I Like

Things I Like

Walking out with my dogs to pick up the morning paper A Gatorade after a workout The Corvette parade on the Boardwalk A caller with a “scoop” A squirrel running with a big nut in its mouth “Will & Grace” reruns Flipping through old high school yearbooks When a friend passes along a great book… Read more »

Things We Like

Things We Like

A beach chair, a book and an empty beach Honking geese flying down our canal after dark No lines at the grocery store Pam’s Saturday morning spin class A fat, purring cat, sleeping on my lap A lazy weekend spent with good friends visiting The unexpected sight of a “dune” rabbit from my parents’ balcony… Read more »

Worcester Prep

Worcester Prep’s Student Government Association raised $3,200 last week to help cover the costs of providing a temporary facility for the Developmental Center in Snow Hill. A check was presented to June Walker, Executive Director, WCDC. Pictured, from left, are Frank Love, SGA advisor; Walker; Woody Harrington, SGA President; Madison Dyer, SGA Secretary; Alex Fisher,… Read more »

Buckingham Elementary

The Berlin Volunteer Fire Company visited Buckingham Elementary this week to discuss fire safety with the students. Above, Mrs. Hogan’s third grade class is pictured posing with “Sparky” The Fire Fighting Dog.

Stephen Decatur

Stephen Decatur Seniors Nick Hogan and Kelcey Bodolus pose with a biker during Bike Week. The bikers were generous enough to provide over $1,000 in donations to Stephen Decatur’s National Honor Society’s designated charities 

Berlin Intermediate School

Sixth grade students at Berlin Intermediate School recently used plaster to make Egyptian death masks as part of their study of ancient Egypt. This Arts Immersion activity integrated concepts learned in math, science and social studies. Above, Cassidy Rendell and Ashley Spock work on Shemar Smith’s mask.

Ocean City Elementary

Ms. Lyndsay Greenan’s fourth grade class at Ocean City Elementary School has been studying static electricity in science, and students had the opportunity to get hands on this topic. Students each saw their hair stand on end when the Van de Graaf Generator took the negative electrons out of their hair, causing it to stand… Read more »