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Fire Protection Adequate In ShowellEditor:In a recent article in (ITALICS)The Dispatch (“Questions Continue To Swirl Around Showell Project, May 25), Worcester County Commissioner Linda Busick asserted that the community of Showell does not have adequate fire protection. We beg to differ with Ms. Busick’s statement.The Showell Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) has been faithfully and diligently… Read more »

Emotions Must Be Checked At The Door

Relations have perhaps never been more strained than they are today between the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company and the appointed and elected officials of the town’s government. However, all the distrust and innuendo circulating currently can easily be ironed out as long as cooler heads prevail.Time is a powerful concept and one of its… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

A Moving Event Deserving AttentionEditor:This past Memorial Day I was privileged and honored to have been able to attend the most moving and beautiful event held at the Veterans Memorial at the south entrance to Ocean Pines.The folks who labored to put this program together and those who volunteered to perform deserve a great deal… Read more »

How Others See It

Editor:The alarming situation at Trimper’s on Ocean City’s famous boardwalk is an example of primal pontification at its finest. In all the posturing, finger pointing and the wringing of tax collector hands, no workable solution has been proposed or put on any table by anyone. What the town of Ocean City and Worcester County Commissioners… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Immigration ThoughtsEditor:Immigration: What it means to me.My father emigrated (legally) from Italy in 1906 at 16 years of age. He had a sixth grade education, a good work ethic, health, good common sense, and a desire to become an American. He married my Mother (a first generation Italian) and raised four boys and one girl…. Read more »

Thoughs From The Publisher’s Desk

Ocean City Council members will decide next week whether to fund a new position within the Ocean City Police Department. Officials heard this week from a number of different law enforcement agencies on the benefits of a crime analyst post, which is strictly charged with identifying and analyzing data to determine trends in crime. It’s… Read more »

OC Season Starts With A Bang

All indications point to a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in the Ocean City area, and that’s good news for a business community that reported a slower off-season than usual.As is the case with any weekend, there are some businesses that reported outstanding sales, while others who say it was on par with last year’s and… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Column On Berlin Living Hits HomeEditor:I greatly enjoyed reading Steve Green’s column in the May 11 edition of (ITALICS)The Dispatch. Having grown up in Berlin, as both my parents did before me, and as my mother’s parents did before her, I could certainly identify with the sentiments expressed in the column. I cannot imagine living… Read more »