Some Local Events Deserve Another Look

Some Local Events Deserve Another Look


The politicians and newspaper editors of Ocean City seem determined to destroy Ocean City as a family-friendly resort.

It has been noted recently that the bikers have driven out the middle-class families who in past times came to the beach in September. We avoid coming to our condominium many weekends because of this encouragement of hordes of males in groups drinking and causing mayhem. It should be noted that on Saturday night of so-called "Sunfest" a near riot at 45th Street by Volkswagen car clubs required the OC police to shut down Coastal Highway and disperse the mob, who were screaming, hooting, throwing things into to the street, and trashing the neighboring condo parking lots.

My small grandchildren were terrified, and it was I who called the police to demand action. They responded very promptly and did a great job, but things should not be allowed to get to that point.

Why can you only see the short-term bottom line of local business as important? How about the long-term health of the resort as a whole, which depends on property owners like ourselves who spend all year long not just in a short burst that impresses you so?

Dr. John Galotto
Ocean City and Potomac
Support Recognized

Now that the election is over and I have had time to rest, it is time to thank and think of the many people that shared their time, energy and money supporting the campaign and for supporting me.

You contributed in many different ways. Some of you walked the streets in hot weather knocking on doors, registering voters and assisting with absentee ballots; some of you mailed letters and other campaign literature; some of you helped provide food on Election Day; and some of you telephoned voters and follow-up calls.

Many of you made financial contributions, not only in the form of cash, but by using your vehicles and buying gas to run them and by using your cell phone to make calls.

You sacrificed time away from family and friends to spend time with the campaign and to respond to the needs of the campaign without hesitation.

Although the result was not what we anticipated, the kindnesses and caring attitudes of the campaign received were fantastic. I could not have done it without you. The shared vision was uplifting and it demonstrated that there are citizens that care about this community who are willing to work tirelessly to bring about change. It can and will happen.

Again, thank you.
Edward S. Lee
North Gate Concerns

Did you know that the widening of Route 589 will be on the Ocean Pines’ side of the road and will take part of our North Gate Pond?

Did you know that the developer’s proposed access road to his commercial site could be within 300 feet of new Route 589 on the opposite side of the North Gate Pond?

If you believe this only affects a small area, think again.
You can forget about the North Gate Entrance and the use of the North Gate Pond as we know it today.

You are going to add a great amount of traffic not only inside the North Gate but also onto Ocean Parkway.

Did you know that when the state and county decide to rebuild the North Gate Bridge that Ocean Pines is only responsible for 20% of the cost?

Kind of diminishes the offer of a new bridge.
Ray Ulatowski
Ocean Pines
Where’s 113 Turn Lane?

My concern relates to the State Highway Administration’s latest engineering flaw on the widening of Route 113.

They recently repaved the two-lane section of Route 113 in Worcester County, from before Goody Hill Rd to just past Cropper Island Rd. That was fine except that where there was a left turn lane southbound on Route 113, now there is none. Why it was eliminated is beyond reason.

Now southbound Route 113 traffic, wishing to make a left turn onto either of these roads, must stop in traffic and wait for the northbound traffic to clear before proceeding. In this single lane, the stopped traffic must rely on the following traffic on Route 113, traveling at 55 mph or greater, to recognize that they also must stop behind them to avoid crashing into the rear of the left turning vehicle.

The shoulder lane is not wide enough for a car to pass on the right, let alone the many 18 wheelers that travel the highway. To make matters worse, the SHA has placed barrels on the shoulder lane making it narrower still. How long will it be before there are serious accidents or more likely deaths in this stretch of road?

Apparently, the SHA’s solution to this problem is to put up a sign, mixed with the myriad of other signs along the road that says, "watch for turning vehicles". Like this will prevent any catastrophes.

I relayed this concern to the Maryland State Highway people, Worcester County and James Purnell, the county commisioner for this area, with no response.

Fred White
Dishonest Ads Must Go

I was amused to see Frank Kratovil’s dishonest ad about Andy Harris supporting a 23% national sales tax.

The tax plan that Mr. Kratovil is talking about is known as the Fair Tax and here is the truth that Mr. Kratovil does not want you to know. The Fair Tax first abolishes the I.R.S. and eliminates all other federal taxes except for a 23% national sales tax. As things are under the present tax system, the price of a product purchased at the retail level includes corporate taxes embedded in the price of the product plus the cost of compliance with the current complicated tax code. Since the Fair Tax eliminates all of these taxes, the price of products will come down due to market forces and with the 23% tax paid at the time of purchase only at the retail level the price of products would remain about the same.

In addition, every household would receive a rebate check at the beginning of every month that would reflect the estimated taxes paid on the necessities of life for the size of that household. Also there would be no federal taxes withheld from your paycheck and April 15 becomes just another day. The Fair Tax also would collect taxes from the black market economy, when for instance a drug dealer or prostitute spends their money. There will also be the economic benefit of the businesses that would be attracted to the United States because of the low burden that the Fair Tax puts on business. For more detailed information on the Fair Tax, you can go to

So ask yourself, if Mr. Kratovil does not know all of the particulars of the Fair Tax, which is in the House Of Representatives Bill HR25, should he really be running an ad about it. And if he does know the particulars, what does telling half-truths say about his character?

Mr. Kratovil, if you read this and feel that any of my statements are false or misleading, please feel free to respond. Or if you would like to educate yourself on the Fair Tax or HR25 may I suggest that you "read the bill".

Robert M. Schiffer
Ocean City
Md. Needs To Be More
Business Friendly
How many people know that Maryland is a “cap and trade” state?

This means that we are taxed on all energy consumption. This tax is a gimmick to extort even more money from us so politicians can use this money to get re elected. It is based on the ridiculous, improvable assumption that man is warming the planet.

I attended two meetings with Delegates Mathias and Conway and learned that they are in favor of this and many other taxes. A woman asked Mathias if he believed that co2 is warming the planet. After she asked the question three times and he continued to dodge it, I, out of frustration, yelled, “answer her question.” He still didn’t. Delegate Conway did not offer an answer either.

At another meeting with Mathias and Conway, I held up a legal size piece of paper listing all the way to the bottom all the taxes we pay. I said that the list was incomplete because the “cap and trade” tax was not on it.

I accused both delegates of supporting this and so many other taxes that they both helped to make Maryland a business unfriendly state. Both delegates repeatedly voted for O’Malley’s budget busting budgets, and an increase in our income tax, sales tax and corporate tax. I said to them that they can make Maryland a business friendly state if they would reduce regulations and taxes on businesses. Businesses would flock here and jobs would explode. They both gave me a dead stare.

Dennis W Evans