Relations Not Healed In One Meeting

The Mayor and Council assured the leadership of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company (OCVFC) last week it will continue to be the authority over fire service in the resort, despite a conceptual plan that indicates the opposite could be true in the near future.The issue here is complex, but OCVFC officials and the Mayor… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Park’s Loss Would Impact All Of OCEditor:It was with regret that I read about the demise of the Trimper properties located on the southern end of the Boardwalk.As usual, outlandish taxes is the main culprit, coupled with future plans for the existing properties.My family has been staying at the Worcester and Boardwalk location (Playland) for… Read more »

Voice From The Readers

Ocean City Losing Its Classic AppealEditor:A small fishing village once known for its unique atmosphere and family-oriented appeal has permanently turned for the worst. Ocean City, located at the bottom edge of the Delmarva Peninsula, has been stripped of its classic stick buildings and rare businesses to cater to money-hungry government officials and contractors. One… Read more »

Officials Act To Prevent Future Surprises

On the heels of an adult business opening in Ocean City along Coastal Highway, local governments are doing exactly what they should be – making sure it does not happen again without their input.When the SexStyles shop opened in north Ocean City this spring, it became the first such business to begin operating in Worcester… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

OC Would Be Change Forever Without ParkEditor:My parents first brought me to Ocean City, Md. the year of my birth, 1964. Like them I return to Ocean City as often as is possible. When I cross the Route 50 bridge and see Trimper’s in the distance, my mood lightens, joy returns and I know that… Read more »

How Many Cops Should Patrol Schools?

The County Commissioners touched on a debate last week that has surfaced in jurisdictions across the country. The issue years ago, prior to the eruption of school violence, revolved around the question: should cops be in school to maintain peace and order? The answer to that is yes, leading to the next quandary: how many… Read more »