OPA Season Kickoff Approved

OCEAN PINES – Plans to host a kick-off event will move forward in Ocean Pines with the board’s support.

Last Saturday, the Ocean Pines Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve an OPA Season Kick-Off Day this spring. Director Monica Rakowski, liaison for the OP Day Working Group, said the event will showcase the association’s amenities, clubs, dining experiences and more.

“The OPA Season Kick-Off event will highlight all that Ocean Pines has to offer,” she said. “The event will showcase our outstanding golf course, top-notch racquet sports facility, Beach Club, pools, parks, hiking trails, recreational activities and our premier attraction, the OPA Yacht Club. The event will promote and highlight the value of all OP amenities and create a positive, congenial and engaging community experience.”

Last March, an ad hoc committee composed of representatives from various OPA advisory groups began planning for a season kick-off day in 2024. And in late September, work group representatives came before the board seeking support to develop plans and budget estimates for an event that will promote Ocean Pines and its amenities.

During that presentation, representatives said the idea for a season kick-off came about in September 2022, when Ocean Pines Aquatics Committee member Ellen Hench pitched the idea for an event that would promote aquatics memberships. From there, plans for a larger community showcase began to take shape.

During last Saturday’s board meeting, Rakowski said the OPA Season Kick-Off Day would be held Saturday, April 20.

“The objectives are to create an opportunity for residents and visitors to learn about the many OPA recreational activities, clubs and dining experiences,” she said. “The committee hopes to generate additional income by eliciting new memberships to our amenities and/or interest to participate in all the activities we have to offer. Lastly, it is to highlight Ocean Pines as a stellar community, as it is offering something for everyone.”

When asked about costs, Rakowski said the kick-off was essentially a cost-neutral event. She said there was some overtime involved, but that it was already accounted for in the budget.

“We had several sponsors lined up that have committed to providing money for the kick-off,” she said, “and from a day-to-day operational event, that would be absorbed in the day-to-day fees that we already are incurring.”

After further discussion, the board voted unanimously to approve the 2024 OPA Season Kick-Off Day.

“This will be a great event,” said Director Stuart Lakernick. “It will be awesome.”

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