Cops & Courts – October 20, 2023

Eighth DWI Charge

OCEAN CITY – A police officer was assaulted during a drunk driving arrest last weekend.

On Oct. 13, around 8:30 p.m., Ocean City police was dispatched to the Route 50 Bridge for a motor vehicle crash with injuries. Paramedics on the scene advised police the at-fault motorist, identified as Julia Partridge, 23, of Berlin, showed signs of being intoxicated. It was observed Partridge’s westbound vehicle struck another eastbound vehicle heading in the opposite direction with both vehicles disabled as a result.

On the scene of the accident, a police officer talked with Partridge, who was having trouble standing and displaying balance issues. After initially refusing to leave the roadway, Partridge eventually complied but needed to grab on to the officer repeatedly to maintain balance.

Partridge was placed under arrest after refusing to answer any questions. While a custody officer was conducting a search of her, Partridge intentionally hit the officer in the face with her elbow.

A records searched revealed Partridge did not have a valid driver license and her privileges were suspending in March for refusing a breath test after being arrested for driving while impaired.

It was noted in the records search Partridge had DWI arrests in September of 2019, January 2020, two in June 2021, two in March of this year and another in May. Last weekend’s DWI was her eighth in four years. The police report stated, “Partridge continues to drive after her privileges had been suspended multiple times. Partridge also continues to recklessly drive while intoxicated and has now escalated into crashing into other people head on. The injuries to the other driver were minor however, it was extremely dangerous. Partridge is a complete threat to public safety due to her continuing to drive while intoxicated.”

Along with the second-degree assault charge against the officer, Partridge was charged with DWI and nine other vehicle charges.


Motel Burglary

OCEAN CITY – A local man was charged with burglary after using a motel key to enter rooms without permission.

On Oct. 12, around 2 p.m., Ocean City police officers responded to a resort motel for a breaking and entering service call. The manager informed police on Oct. 10 an employee, Joshua Carey, 28, of Berlin, was captured on security videos opening an exterior office window and stealing the motel’s master key with a broom stick. Usage of the master key found he entered two motel rooms, and the police report stated, “it is believed that Carey utilized these rooms to sleep.”

When questioned, Carey said he had the manager’s permission to use the motel’s master key and enter any rooms. The manager said Carey was a night auditor and entering rooms was not part of his job duties. The manager confronted Carey at one point and found the master key on him.

During a secondary search of Carey after being arrested, police located seven Xanax brand tablets. Xanax illegal to possess without a prescription.

Carey has been charged with two counts of third-degree burglary, theft under $100 and possession of a controlled dangerous substance (Xanax).


Cocaine Possession

OCEAN CITY – A speeding stop led to a New York man being charged with cocaine possession this week.

On Oct. 16, Ocean City police made a traffic stop around 1:30 a.m. at 94th Street and Coastal Highway. According to the police report, Eduardo Senyu, 38, of Bronx, was driving a blue Chevrolet Equinox exceeding 65 mph in a 40 mph zone. A police officer reported driving at 65 mph and being unable to keep up with Senyu.

When police initiated a traffic stop, officers noticed the strong odor of alcohol and slurred speech. Senyu admitted to consuming two to four alcoholic beverages. Senyu was placed under arrest after performing poorly on tests. During a search at police headquarters, Senyu was found with a baggie of cocaine.

Senyu was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance of Schedule II (cocaine), driving while impaired by alcohol and other traffic offenses.


Weapon, Fleeing Traffic Stop

OCEAN CITY – A local man led police on a short chase early Monday before being apprehended and charged with numerous violations.

Shortly after midnight on Oct. 16, Ocean City police observed a Nissan Murano traveling south on Philadelphia Avenue at 7th Street with one headlight out. The vehicle continued south across the Route 50 Bridge well under the speed limit with a police cruiser waiting for a safe place to illuminate emergency lights. The motorist, Anthony Thornton, 37, of Ocean City, did not stop once the siren and lights were activated. Police noted the motorist not being able to maintain lane positions. The motorist refused to pull over and the police officer followed the vehicle to Waterview Drive in West Ocean City. Police ordered Thornton to stop over his public address system but he refused to put the vehicle in park, waving at one point to the officer in the driver’s side mirror, according to the police report, until he pulled into his residence’s driveway.

Thornton was arrested initially for fleeing the traffic stop. During questioning, it was clear to police Thornton was inebriated due to the strong alcohol odor, slurred words and “rapid mood swings,” the police report said. Inside Thornton’s vehicle police found two empty single shot Crown Royal Apple containers and two full ones. Marijuana smoking devices were also found inside the vehicle and a spring assisted opening knife. Once at police headquarters, police determined Thornton’s drivers license was suspended in 2021.

Thornton was charged with transporting metal knuckles and an assisted opening knife within town limits, driving while impaired by alcohol, disobeying the lawful order of a police officer and numerous other traffic offenses.