More Boardwalk Digital Signs Near

OCEAN CITY – New digital message signs will soon be installed along the Boardwalk.

Tourism and Business Development Director Tom Perlozzo told members of the Ocean City Tourism Commission Monday that he anticipates 14 double-sided variable message signs to be installed along the Boardwalk in the coming weeks. He said the signs will feature advertising and promotional messaging for town events.

“The Boardwalk screens are in, and they will start putting those up in the next week or two,” he said. “There will be two crews, one for putting the brackets in and another putting in the TVs. Hopefully sometime this week or next, they will be up and running.”

In July, the Mayor and Council agreed to purchase and install 14 double-sided, or 28 total, variable message signs along the Boardwalk. The total cost of $549,815 is being paid for with dedicated advertising funds.

Currently, the Boardwalk features four VMS signs at Worcester, North Division, 9th and 15th streets. Instead of replacing the signs, the tourism department recommended new, high-resolution displays be installed at 14 locations along the Boardwalk at existing Crown Castle poles.

“It gives us the opportunity to get some eyeballs on the things we’re doing,” Perlozzo said in July.

In an update Monday, he told the commission that two of the proposed Boardwalk locations include the tram station, located at the Inlet parking lot, and the Caroline Street Comfort Station, where screens will replace posterboards promoting town events.

“We’ll be able to program those independently,” he said.

Perlozzo noted that advertising opportunities would be available.

“You will get more and hear more about that as we move forward with things,” he said. “We will be selling advertising on that, hopefully sponsorships of sorts.”

Perlozzo also noted that two, large electronic screens will also be added to the exterior of the convention center.

“It will promote all the events inside as well as all the other events in town,” he explained.

He explained that new screens would also be added at the Performing Arts Center (PAC), located inside the convention center. He said those screens would be paid for through grant funding.

“There were always two screens that were supposed to be in place, one stage left and right. They will be larger screens that will help with viewing, etcetera,” Perlozzo said. “We will also be promoting our PAC membership and all the other advertising, plus we’ll be able to do live videos. While there’s things going on the general stage, you will also see them on the screens as well. That’s coming very soon.”

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