Sheriff’s Office Election Preview; Crisafulli Seeks Second Term As Sheriff Against Buhrt

SNOW HILL – The race for Worcester County Sheriff is expected to be decided with this month’s primary, as two Republicans are campaigning for the top law enforcement position.


Matt Crisafulli

Sheriff Matt Crisafulli is seeking a second term but is facing a challenge from fellow Republican Jeffrey Buhrt, who filed for the position back in early February.

The Dispatch asked candidates to supply responses to two questions designed to give voters an idea of who they are and what their priorities are for Worcester County. Buhrt did not respond.

Q. Being the Worcester County sheriff is a complicated position full of many responsibilities. Please give at least three reasons why you are the best person for the job.

Crisafulli: 1. Established partnerships. My administration has worked systematically to foster strong-partnerships with our allied agencies and community partners. I lead with an open mind and demonstrate flexibility in rapidly changing environments. We need to continue this trajectory, and also be amendable for growth in all situations that we encounter. I have worked on these partnerships over the last four years as your Sheriff and will continue this work, as it is always evolving.

  1. Compassion. I will always lead with a compassionate vision for all of our county residents and visitors. I believe that this style of work, brings people together. We need that in our society, more than ever. Our Sheriff’s Office is functioning in a way that has morale up and work productivity at an elevated level. This is a very challenging balance in today’s world.
  2. Temperament and flexibility. I believe that I have the right temperament to lead our Sheriff’s Office for years to come. A leader must possess the proper temperament to lead their organizations. Management and philosophies are fluid, and a leader must be amendable and capable of dealing with many different types of situations. It is absolutely critical to be flexible in a society that is fast and ever-changing. A leader must also be able to recognize the vision to place the right people in the right positions for their growth and the growth of the organization as a whole. Leaders are human and mistakes will be made. Its incumbent upon the leader to own their mistakes, re-adjust and correct matters to push their organizations forward.

Worcester County, I believe that I possess the necessary skills to continue the role as your sheriff, for the next four years. Worcester County, I humbly ask for your vote on July 19, 2022.

Q. Once elected, what are your priorities for the next four years as the county’s sheriff?

Crisafulli: 1. School Safety: I have dedicated my entire career to our families and children. Our children need to have a safe and nurturing learning environment. We live in a time when our deputies play a crucial role for our youth. They provide, not only the physical protection of our children on our school campuses, they also serve an instrumental role in helping to facilitate positive partnerships with our youth that can last a lifetime. The protection of our children has been and will continue to be a top priority of my administration.

  1. Mental Health/First Responders: Mental Health for our law enforcement officers (LEO’s) is an extreme importance for my deputies. P.T.S.D. is not just something that our soldiers of foreign war experience. Our LEO’s experience this in our own communities. I have been very proactive with the mental health and well-being of our deputies. We have partnered with mental health clinician’s, to have services available to our deputies at all times. The societal demands and trauma that they face has proven to cause many issues for law enforcement. In order for our deputies to provide you with exceptional services, it’s important that we ensure their physical and mental health. I have established an in-house Peer Support Team. Specially trained deputies to help their peers deal with critical-matters and other challenges. Our goal is to be the model for other agencies on mental health and stability.
  2. Commitment to our community: I have always placed our community first during my entire 27-year career on the ground in our county. My commitment to you will always be to provide you with exceptional services. We are extremely fortunate to have a like-minded States Attorney that is PRO prosecution. I have always been a strong advocate for safe communities. We have established strong partnerships in Worcester County. These partnerships make our mission achievable on a daily basis. This will be a fluid, daily process for my office. I will fight for our county in Annapolis should bills arise that hinder our way of life in Worcester County. I will fight to protect all of our constitutional rights. All of our constitutional rights are of the utmost importance to me as your Sheriff, and will continue to be a priority of my office.

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