Who’s Playing When & Where – July 2, 2021

Who’s Playing When & Where – July 2, 2021

45th Street Taphouse
45th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 2: Trailer Park Romeo
Saturday, July 3: Colossal Fossil Sauce
Sunday, July 4: Keith White Duo
Wednesday, July 7: Aaron Howell
Thursday, July 8: Ward Ewing

9th Street Taphouse
9th St. & Boardwalk
Friday, July 2: TBA
Saturday, July 3: Josh Pryor
Thursdays: Chino Rankin

Atlantic Hotel
2 North Main St., Berlin
Fridays: Zander Jett
Mondays: Earl Beardsley

Buxy’s Salty Dog/Dry Dock 28
28th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 2: DJ Wax
Sundays: Local’s Party w/ DJ BK
Thursday, July 8: Funk Shué

Captain’s Table
15th St. & Baltimore Ave.
In The Courtyard Marriott
Fridays: Phil Perdue

Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
Castle In The Sand Hotel
37th & 38th St.
Friday, July 2: Darin Engh,
Colossal Fossil Sauce
Saturday, July 3:
Aaron Howell Trio, Stratus Fear
Sunday, July 4: Rick & Regina, Time Police
Monday, July 5: Nate Clendenen,
Bob Wilkinson & Joe Smooth
Tuesday, July 6: Heather Vidal,
Full Circle
Wednesday, July 7: Jack Bannon,
Marcella Peters Duo
Thursday, July 8: Heather Vidal,
Smooth Rhythm

Coins Pub
28th St. Plaza On Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 2: Monkee Paw
Saturday, July 3: Jim Long, John Schwartz
Sundays & Wednesdays: DJ Wax
Thursday, July 8: Ricky La Ricci

Crabcake Factory Bayside
37314 Lighthouse Rd.,
Rte. 54 Selbyville, DE
Sunday, July 4: TBA
Wednesday, July 7: Bilenki Duo

Crawl Street Tavern
Wicomico St. Downtown O.C.
Friday, July 2: Higher Education
Saturday, July 3: Fuzzbox Piranha
Sunday, July 4: Karaoke w/DJ Jeremy
Monday, July 5: DJ Wax,
Tuesday, July 6: DJ RobCee
Wednesday, July 7:
EDM w/Reckless Minds
Thursday, July 8: Trailer Park Romeo
Cork Bar
Sunday, July 4: Anna Burgess

Fager’s Island
60th St. in the Bay
Friday, July 2: The 1974,
DJ RobCee, Here’s To The Night
Saturday, July 3: The 1974,
DJ Groove, Here’s To The Night
Sunday, July 4: Crushing Day,
Under The Covers
Monday, July 5: Crushing Day,
DJ RobCee, Goodman Fiske
Tuesday, July 6: Bryan Clark, DJ Hector
Wednesday, July 7:
DJ Bigler, DJ Adam Dutch
Thursday, July 8: DJ Greg, DJ Groove,
Greene Turtle North
116th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 2: DJ BK
Saturday, July 3: DJ Love

South Harbor Rd., West O.C.
Friday, July 2:
DJ Billy T
Saturday July 3:
Rogue Citizens,
DJ Jeremy
Sunday, July 4:
The Dunehounds,
DJ Billy T
Thursday, July 8:
DJ Billy T

12445 Ocean Gateway, West OC
Saturday, July 3: Full Discloser

Ocean Club
10100 Coastal Hwy. In The Clarion Hotel
Friday-Sunday, July 2-4:
First Class, DJ Twitch
Mondays: DJ Twitch
Lenny’s Beach Bar & Grill
Friday-Sunday, July 2-4:
Stephen Anthony
Friday-Sunday, July 2-4:
On The Edge
Monday-Thursday, July 5-8:
First Class

Ocean Pines Yacht Club
1 Mumford’s Landing Rd., Ocean Pines
Friday, July 2: Full Circle
Saturday, July 3: Tranzfusion
Sunday, July 4: Great Train Robbery
Thursday, July 8: Beach Bandits

Pickles Pub
8th St. & Philadelphia Ave.
Friday, July 2: Beats By Styler
Saturday, July 3: The Dunehounds
Sunday, July 4: Beats By Styler
Mondays: Karaoke With Wood
Tuesdays: Beats By Wax
Wednesdays: Beats By Styler
Thursdays: Beats By Wax

Purple Moose
Between Caroline & Talbot Sts.
On The Boardwalk
Friday, July 2: DJ Adam Dutch,
Doc Marten & The Flannels
Saturday, July 3: DJ Rut,
Doc Marten & The Flannels
Sunday, July 4: DJ Rut, Slamm
Monday, July 5: DJ Rut, Slamm
Tuesday, July 6: DJ Adam Dutch
Wednesday, July 7: DJ Rut
Thursday, July 8: DJ Adam Dutch

49th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 2: Jim Long Band,
Jah Works,
Steal The Sky
Saturday, July 3: DJ Bobby O,
Shake Shake Shake, Jah Works,
Cherry Crush, Smashed
Sunday, July 4: Triple Rail Turn
Jah Works, Stealing Savannah,
The Event Horizon
Monday, July 5:
Full Circle,
S.T.O.R.M., Lima Bean Riot
Tuesday, July 6:
S.T.O.R.M., Lima Bean Riot
Wednesday, July 7:
Full Circle Duo,
Shake Shake Shake
Thursday, July 8:
John McNutt Band,­
Adwela & The Uprising,
Go Go Gadjet