Witnesses Detain Purse Snatcher At Farmer’s Market

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested on robbery and assault charges on Saturday after snatching a purse from a female at a farmer’s market before being caught and detained by quick-thinking witnesses.

Just before noon last Saturday, a veteran OCPD officer was conducting a traffic stop on the corner of Coastal Highway and 142nd Street when he observed a group of individuals across the street frantically waving their arms to gain his attention. The group was in a gas station parking lot on 141st Street and when the officer responded to the area, he observed a white male, later identified as Jeffrey Colosimone, 40, of Ocean City, who lived nearby, being detained on the ground.

Several members of the group told the officer Colosimone had just stolen a purse from a woman at the nearby farmer’s market and they had given chase and eventually stopped the suspect until police arrived. The officer met with the female victim, who said she was at the farmer’s market and as she was approaching her vehicle, Colosimone allegedly emerged from a small patch of trees and began to push her on her left shoulder.

According to police reports, Colosimone continued the attack by violently grabbing her arm and purse, which was secured over her left shoulder. Colosimone was able to forcefully remove the purse and began to run south toward the Exxon station on the corner of 141st Street. The victim chased Colosimone as she screamed for help. Several individuals witnessed the attack and were able to chase down Colosimone and detain him.

The purse itself was valued at $75 and there was some cash, bank cards, identification cards and other personal property inside. The purse was returned to the victim, who was not injured and did not require medical attention.

Colosimone was arrested and charged with robbery, second-degree assault and theft. He had a bail review hearing on Monday and was detained on a $100,000 bond.