Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann
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The Alaska Stand was founded by Benjamin Givarz in 1933 on the Boardwalk at Wicomico Street. Not only did Mr. Givarz overcome economic problems associated with the Great Depression but also lost a prime week of the tourist season that year to the hurricane that created Ocean City’s Inlet. The Alaska Stand survived both to become a local icon.

The Alaska Stand took its name from a homemade concoction called a “Frozen Alaska” where a slab of ice cream on a stick was dipped into warm chocolate. Other popular items included hot dogs, hamburgers and a variety of fresh fruit juices.

A second location opened on 9th Street in 1968 and the Wicomico Street stand changed ownership in the mid-90s and is now known as The Atlantic Stand. The Alaska Stand remains a Boardwalk tradition at 9th Street — still in the Givarz family for over 82 years.

Photo courtesy Bob Givarz