OC Selects Favored Water Tower Design To Include Financial Bid Package

OC Selects Favored Water Tower Design To Include Financial Bid Package
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OCEAN CITY – A beach ball design has been chosen to go to bid for the new 1st Street water tower.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins returned to the Mayor and City Council Monday for further discussion and selection of a graphic design to be added to the town’s bid for the 1st Street Elevated Water Tank project.

The project is scheduled for bid opening on Tuesday. Last week the Mayor and City Council voted to alter the bid package that had already been sent out to add a cost estimate to paint the tower into a beach ball design.

The council’s vote was prompted by the interest of multiple parties, such as the Downtown Association and Jim Mosko of the White Marlin Open, to change the logo that is currently included in the bid package from the “standard logo” that reads “Welcome to Ocean City, Thank You for Visiting Ocean City”. The standard logo can be seen on the 64th Street and 136th Street water tanks.

The council’s thoughts were it wouldn’t hurt to investigate the current cost of a beach ball design. However, when the idea was first brought up by former Councilman Buck Mann about 20 years ago, it was estimated at $50,000.

Adkins presented several potential designs reflecting different positions of the image from upright to on its side, as well as different color schemes, with or without a water splash at the base, and with or without the Town of Ocean City’s iconic logo.

The council agreed with Adkins in choosing an upright beach ball position with a blue, white and green beach ball, Ocean City’s emblem in the center and a water splash at the base.

“Next up is the cost,” Councilman Tony DeLuca said.