Voices From The Readers

Be Educated On Meters


Reading Mr. Allen’s reply to recent smart concerns does not make me sleep easier. I would expect his answer to be dismissive and somewhat condescending, as he is a regional vice president of Delmarva Power. I urge interested persons to go to the Smart Meter American Cancer Society site, as well as the Maryland Smart Meter Awareness site, and form their own opinion.

For those who want to opt out of this program, there are two bills that will be voted on in early March, providing for that option without the utility company charging a penalty, which they are proposing to do. The bills are SB880 and HB332. Call your Maryland Representatives and State Senator and let them know how you feel about this matter.

I am a bit weary of hearing the argument that something will not harm us as much as something that is already a part of our lives. Do we really need any more radiation emitted into our environment than we already have?

My own suspicions about smart meters are founded on how my home in Ocean City became equipped with one of these. One day as I was going about my business, I heard a loud rattling and banging outside one of my bedroom windows. I screamed for my husband to investigate what was happening, and the conclusion was that a smart meter had been installed. After telling the Delmarva Power technician that we had never been informed of this, and that we wanted our old meter put back, we were told we would have to write a letter and request an opt out form.

I believe Delmarva Power and many utility companies throughout the country are performing this switch for their own benefit and doing very little to let their customers know what the controversy is all about. As a result of this annoyance, and the feeling of having my privacy already breached by Delmarva Power, I felt compelled to write this reply and to inform all with whom I come in contact about the problems with the smart meter.

In closing, I would add that my February bill with the smart meter attached was $461. My January bill was $237. When I called about this almost double billing, I was told it was colder, the January bill was estimated and the smart meter is more accurate. I keep my heat on 66 degrees, my house is 1,600 square feet, and only my husband and I live here. Form your own conclusions, how is it about saving us money.

Dee Matthews

Ocean City

Concerns Over Geese


When Bob Thompson, General Manager of Ocean Pines, was interviewed on WBOC, he stated that the geese might have to be “euthanized,” which brings to mind a peaceful, painless death. The euthanizing of the geese would be anything but peaceful and painless. They would be taken in June or July, while they have their young, are molting, and cannot fly. They would be put in crates, where some of them would die, and taken to be gassed. Because the geese have a large lung capacity, being gassed would be a long and painful death.

Another reason for not euthanizing the geese is it will not work, as stated by the Humane Society and all animal rights groups. As soon as you slaughter the existing geese, another flock will come, and the cycle starts all over again. While I have heard the excuse for this slaughter is the high number of geese, the real reason is goose poop. I have done some research and have found a Goose poop machine, from Tow and Farm, which literally sweeps up the goose poop. I have talked with a gentleman in Toronto who has used this machine to clean parks for several years. He can’t say enough about the quality, dependability, and the excellent job this machine does. It does such a good job, that he has been hired to clean 9 more parks, and will be buying more machines. This would answer all concerns voiced by the Ocean Pines Environmental and Natural Assets Committee who are advising the Ocean Pines Board of Directors. The parks would be clean, there would be no pollution of the ponds from goose poop, and the geese would be saved.

The geese are a real asset to the Ocean Pines community. Many people who visit Ocean City come to Ocean Pines during their vacation just to see the geese. The geese are gentle, very trusting and will eat out of your hand. There is one group who loves people and has terrific traffic sense. I have seen them wait on the side of the road until there is no traffic, or the traffic has stopped, before stepping off the curb. They always bring a smile to my face. Geese mate for life and raise their young together. What better model for children. I can’t imagine Ocean Pines without the geese, nor do I want to.

I hope that you will send a letter to the Board of Directors (directors@oceanpines.org), to Bob Abele, Chairman of the Environmental and Natural Assets Committee (r.abele@mchsi.com), and to mclarke@oceanpines.org),

expressing your support for the geese, and your horror of slaughtering them. I can be reached by email at elmartin9@juno.com. Many, many thanks for anything that you can do to help.

Edna Martin

Ocean Pines

Course Activity Inappropriate


One of our “professional educators” thought it was a good idea to have seventh grade (12-13 year old) girls make clay models of male genitalia. What is left to say about the sorry state of our public schools? This inappropriate and grotesque exercise is part of some course called “Family Life and Human Development.” It’s not even considered a sex education class, according to the Worcester County Public Schools Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Programs. I don’t even want to think about what’s done in actual sex education classes.

I wish the County Coordinator the best in crafting a “public relations” response to explain this “Special Program.” Someone needs to be identified and held accountable for this outrageous exercise. Who will it be? I don’t think one should hold their breath waiting for any action by the school system.

Eric Waterman

Ocean City

Changes Needed


There is a movement in America today that gained access to our country after the second World War. They were a group who were captured on the western front who had knowledge of Russia and its language. This group has been active and growing in numbers here gaining influence since they were invited by President Eisenhower into his Oval Office in September 1953. You may wonder why Eisenhower had that meeting. During the “Cold War,” our government needed spies to infiltrate Russia to aid America in it’s effort to defeat Communism. These operatives presented a perfect opportunity to achieve this goal. They have been used by every administration since that time.

An associate of one of this groups front organizations The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a Mr. Alamoudi, was a frequent guest of Clinton and Bush in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. He convinced our government that their organization, the IIIT, should be the major arbitrator on Islam in our Military. He was given the task in 1991 to select Muslim chaplains for our Military. Mr. Alamoudi was later convicted or terrorism charges for funneling over one million dollars to al-Qaeda for which he was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Every time our government engages one of this group’s front organizations that have ties to their movement our government effectively legitimizes their status as the representatives of the Muslim community. It should be understood they do not but are making a continuing effort to do so thru front organizations, campus student associations and infiltration into the more than 1,200 Mosques. It’s been estimated that their front group the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) controls the physical assets of 75% of the US Mosques.

If you’re like me you may have thought a Mosque was a place of religious service like all other churches of various faiths. Well they’re more than that: It’s the seat of government, a court, a school, a training center, a gathering place and a social center that’s used for the indoctrination of it’s members.

To better understand how are government continues to help further the influence of this movement in 2008 Mr. Obama invited a member of this group to his “A New Beginning” speech in Cairo. He also invited members to his inauguration ceremonies and has appointed some to special high level positions on US policy making. Through this movements influence and control anyone in a government or military position that tries to expose the intent of members of this movement would be removed or ignored. A case in point was the removal of US Army LTC Matthew Dooley an instructor at the National Defense University of an approved course on Islam. His removal was done to limit an understanding or knowledge of their movement. To further understand how deep their influence and control goes in June 2012 five Congressional Representatives (Bachmann, Franks, Gohmert, Rooney & Westmorland ), sent letters to the following departments: Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, State and National Security requesting an investigation of this movements influence within these departments. Their initiative was met with a barrage of criticism and generally ignored.

You should know, and never forget, this movement has openly, in the past, declared their objective is to destroy our western civilization from within. In case you haven’t guessed this subversive movement is known as “The Muslin Brotherhood”. A movement that was founded in Egypt in 1928 by a schoolteacher Mr. al-Banna. In November 2001 the Swiss Police raided a senior financier’s of this movements home in Switzerland an discovered a 1982 manifesto titled “The Project”. this document outlined the movements 25 strategies to subjugate the world under Islam. This document was distributed to members of the movement around the world and certainly should be known by all members of Congress, all public servants and certainly the President and all members of his cabinet.

Understanding the intent of this movement I have to ask the question: Would anyone knowing this information allow this enemy of our Constitutional form of government to have any position in our government or even allow them to remain in our country?

I hope with the next two election cycles we start making the necessary changes to re-establish America as a nation that can be trusted to be faithful to its long standing relationships. Hopefully we’ll make the right choices and once again be a leader of nations rather than being undecided as to where we stand when it comes to liberty and justice for all people and how we can best help. War or Revolution are not the answers, they only destroy. Faith in people and religion should be the guiding principle as the starting point. Hopefully, it will lead us to the right solution.

Paul St. Andre

Ocean City