Letters To The Editor

Surprised By Paper’s
Lack Of Parade Coverage

I was hugely disappointed in your paper’s lack of coverage of the Ocean City Christmas Parade held on Saturday, Dec. 4.

You did post color pictures on the cover of this week’s Dispatch, but there is no article anywhere in your paper that mentions who participated in the parade, how many floats and what groups those floats represented, etc. 

I find it hard to believe that you had no reporter available to interview spectators in attendance, and then fashion an article around them.  Our parade does not rival the Macy’s parade in scope – any staff writer could have been assigned to compile a list of participants and write an article for your readers in today’s publication.

I look forward each week to reading The Dispatch.  I’m sorry to say that this week’s effort is lacking – especially given that the Christmas Parade happens only once a year.
Gail Schuler

Ocean City

Noel Community Plans
Christmas Day Dinner
The Noel Community is making final preparations for the 13th Annual Dinner on Christmas Day.

Many churches, businesses, civic groups, and individuals have made donations and will volunteer for the dinner. We appreciate the generosity of Ocean City, Ocean Pines, Berlin, Fenwick, Bishopville, Selbyville, and the surrounding neighborhoods.
Please stop by to experience the joy on Christmas Day at St. Paul’s by-the-Sea at 3rd Street in south Ocean City and enjoy a dinner, dessert, or fellowship you will remember for a life time.
If you wish to make a donation, please mail checks payable to the Noel Community to PO Box 1207 in Ocean City, Md. 21843.  If you have any questions, please call 410-289-3453.
With your support, we are able to assist individuals and families in meaningful ways.  We cannot do everything, but together we can do something.
The Noel Community