Wounded Warrior Gets Special OC Treatment

serviceman wounded in Iraq last month got a hero’s welcome in Ocean City last
weekend, thanks in large part to the local American Legion post and an always
generous resort community.

First Lieutenant Dan
Shoemaker got some well-deserved treatment last weekend in Ocean City after a
request from the Wounded Warrior Project on his behalf. Shoemaker was wounded
in a suicide bomber attack in Iraq on June 11 and was ultimately sent to Walter
Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. for treatment and recovery.

While at Walter Reed for
treatment of injuries sustained in the attack in Iraq, Shoemaker was discovered
to have a cancerous brain tumor, which might not have been discovered had it
not been for his war injuries. On his behalf, Sgt. Major Dan Thompson of the
Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that advocates for men and women
wounded in action, put the word out that Shoemaker was in desperate need of
some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Thompson called Ocean
City American Legion Post 166 Commander-Elect Sarge Garlitz, who, in turn,
quickly called upon his considerable resources to intercede on the wounded
first lieutenant’s behalf. A short time later, the Harrison Group responded
with a complimentary stay at the Quality Inn on the Boardwalk and General
Manager Chris McFarland and his staff gave Shoemaker the VIP treatment all

Shoemaker was also feted
at the American Legion Post 166 by Garlitz and his crew and received a hero’s
welcome everywhere he went in Ocean City all weekend.

According to Garlitz,
Shoemaker was in awe of the warm reception and supporting comments he received
from everyone he came in contact with during his weekend at the beach.