Voices From the Readers

Voices From the Readers

Parking Questions


In reference to metered
parking in Ocean City, why does the town of Ocean City allow business owners,
who own parking lots, to park their personal vehicles in unmetered spaces.

These business owners
take parking spaces from tourists and vacationers so they can fill their lots
up with paying patrons. As a new resident and condo owner in
Ocean City, I have witnessed this occurrence, especially over the Fourth of
July holiday. If these business owners own parking lots, why take free spaces
from vacationers and visitors. Park in your own lot.

John & Karen

Ocean City

Feds To Keep Money


In the July 2 edition of
your paper, as I read about how Senator Mikulski and Congressman Kratovil have
fought to secure $4,000,000 for beach replenishment, it occurred to me that
this is a perfect example of how our politicians use socialism to secure
their power. Here is how it works.

First, the party
leaders in both houses of Congress adopt an agenda like cap and trade, a
bail out plan, a stimulus plan and the take over of the health care system. Now
Mikulski and Kratovil knew that all of these were very unpopular with their
constituents especially on the eastern shore. So they chose to vote against the
will of the people and put their reelection in jeopardy. But they are not
worried. They will now attempt to buy our votes with money from other taxpayers
from throughout the country just like other representatives from other
states use our tax money to buy votes from their constituents.

In this way, they use
our tax dollars as their own little reelection fund. Now before we get too
angry with them let’s remember that all too often we are eager to stick
out our hands and accept the money that they have confiscated from other tax
payers as we complain about high federal taxes and corruption.

I would like to urge the
Mayor and Council of Ocean City, along with business owners and residents, to
tell these two to keep their bribe money. We can raise this money on our own. I
am not a resident of Ocean City, but I would be willing to contribute to a fund
for beach replenishment if these two socialists are told to keep
their stolen dollars.

This country is on
the road to collapse due to a socialist philosophy and we all share
some of the blame. We can not continue to just give lip service to freedom and
capitalism and then stick our hand out when socialists throw some of their loot
our way.

I would like
to note that Congressman Kratovil did not vote for the health care bill. I
was told by one of his aids that it was because of the cost. I can guarantee
you that the fact that the bill is unconstitutional made no difference to Mr.

Robert M. Schiffer

Ocean City

Keep Politics Out Of


Here we go again. I hear
the trumpets blow again. And the barkeeps are out of their dank counting houses
and into the sunlight once more, doing their nasties on the LCB as they
attempted a few short years ago and were rejected by the voters.

They just can’t wait to
see the LCB go away so they can get their paws on the liquor suppliers without
an intermediary. I totally disagree with their motives and intentions. And
truly think it is not in the public interest, whatsoever.
Whether or not the LCB is run to perfection or even up to muster is an
issue for the Board and the oversight authorities. Not the Worcester County
License Beverage Association (WCLBA), And, as a retired auditor with the
Auditor General of the Air Force, for 32 years, I would not want to even look
into the operational and financial management of the individual enterprises
that comprise the WCLBA. Could they even be more wanting? That is all auditing
"instinct" on my part.
It is so hard to quantify the stress put on our police, EMS, medical facilities
and our public transportation system by patrons but it is there. In the
end, the public purse picks up this tab. Not the dispensers of the products.
So, why not shut down the WCLBA, or as asked before, change its agenda? If the
loss of income is too unmanageable due to LCB prices, discounts, miscues, etc.
why not ante up your last federal income tax returns to the local papers so we
can all weep? Maybe leaving olives out of martinis or umbrellas out of mai tais
is a start.
I am reminded of some motherly advice of so long, long ago: "the fault of
the finder, the stink lies behind her." Or, as my dad used to say,
"let a
sleeping dog lie". And I do hope our politicians will stay totally and
absolutely away from this subject like the third rail of the Metro. Can I count
on this?
Raymond M. Sawyer

Ocean City

Scooters And Helmets


There must be errors in
the reporting of the City Council’s discussion of rental scooter helmet law

While I do not have a
very high opinion of the reasoning abilities of several council members, I
cannot believe that even they would suggest punishing the rental companies for
their customer’s non-compliance with the law. Should Avis and Hertz be fined or
have their cars impounded when one of their customers runs a red light or fails
to wear their seatbelt?

Perhaps the scooter
rental businesses should be required to follow each customer around town to
insure they are wearing the helmet at all times. As long as they provide a
helmet and inform their customer of the law, that should be the extent of their
responsibility or liability. No matter how hard they try, council will never be
able to successfully outlaw stupidity.

Steve Whitmer

Ocean City