My Thoughts

My Thoughts

Organization breeds disunity. This is an oxymoron but that does not mean it’s not true. It’s a fact. Any group of people that band together must have an outside influence to light the spark of unity that keeps them together. Man, in his need to belong, has broken up society into hundreds of separate groups that have been pitting themselves against each other ever since the beginning of mankind. Today, this disunity of unity continues and on an ever-increasing scale.

The Catholic religion eventually brought forth the Protestant religion and that religion soon brought forth many splinter religions. The Democratic Party must have a Republican Party to exist. The exclusiveness of a Lions Club has a counterpart in the exclusiveness of a Rotary Club. Members of the Knights of Columbus must meet qualifications that set them apart from others in the community. But then the Shriners have a list of musts that set their members apart from their neighbors. Although it’s an impossibility, man being what he is, I’ve often wondered what kind of world this would be if people did not have the desire and need to band together and separate themselves from the rest of society.

When Insider sees a teenager, he thinks about one thing: how the most important thing in that kid’s life is to become an adult. A boy wants to be a man and a girl wants to be a woman. Time and everyday living are the only steps a youth must take to realize this ambition. But what teenager has ever had time to wait for things he wanted? So the squirts set about hurrying up the process. They say “damn,” spit, smoke and do all kinds of adult things. They get drunk and make a fool of themselves, like their adult role models. They speed around like their folks. As they get higher up in their teens, they drink beer and gather closer and closer together for security in their insecure world.

Finally, when all this fails, many take the supreme step. The one step that will surely make them adult. They get married and settle down with the proper emphasis on “settle.” And here is the sad contradiction. They have absolutely nothing to settle down from, and worse yet, they’ve lost forever the most exciting part of that adult life they longed for.