Woman To Serve One-Year Jail Term For Hotel Robbery

OCEAN CITY – A Columbia, Md. woman implicated in a staged armed robbery at a resort hotel last summer and found guilty earlier this year was sentenced in District Court this week to five years in jail with all but one year suspended.

Brady Ashley Greer, 21, was found guilty of theft plus $500, conspiracy to commit theft plus $500 and making a false statement to a police officer in early February after pleading not guilty to all of the charges.

Greer claimed that she had no part in the robbery that occurred at her place of employment last August. Greer burst into tears and several of her family members in the courtroom gasped and moaned when Judge Daniel Mumford announced his verdict in February, causing a brief disturbance in the courtroom.

The incident goes back to last Aug. 6 when Ocean City police detectives responded to the Stowaway Grand Hotel on 21st Street for a reported armed robbery. Upon arrival, they interviewed the night auditor, Greer, who claimed to be a victim in the robbery. At that time, Greer told police that she had been working in the area of the safe when she heard a knock at the door.

Greer claims she opened the door and was met by a masked man, who then forced Greer to open the safe and tied her to a chair with duct-tape before fleeing with what was later estimated to be $49,422.

OCPD detectives Shawn Jones and Brett Case testified in District Court in February that they immediately suspected that the robbery was an inside job.

Hotel surveillance tapes did not reveal a suspect, but did show Greer talking on her cell phone 45 minutes prior to the alleged burglary. Both Case and Jones testified that Greer claimed she was talking to her boyfriend, George M. Taylor, 23, of Stockton, who was somewhere in Virginia on his way back from Florida. Detectives were later able to determine that Taylor was in Worcester County just prior to the reported robbery.

Taylor was taken into police custody on Nov. 1, after a warrant was issued for a failure to appear for a child support hearing. OCPD detectives had attached a note to that warrant requesting they be notified in the event of Taylor’s arrest.

Taylor was arrested during a wild chase and brief standoff in the south end of Worcester County during which he briefly dragged a Maryland State Police trooper with his vehicle before the officer was able to reach his gun and shoot out a tire before disengaging himself. Taylor was taken into custody a short time after a brief standoff.

OCPD detectives were notified and arrived to question Taylor about the Stowaway Grand robbery. Case and Jones both testified that Taylor admitted his involvement and told them that he and his girlfriend, Greer, had staged the robbery. Taylor reportedly told police that Greer said if he didn’t help her with the robbery, she would find someone else who would.

Taylor, in a written statement, admitted to planning the fake armed robbery with Greer. Taylor also told police that he and Greer had spent part of the money and buried the rest beneath a dog kennel at the home of one of Taylor’s relatives. Taylor told police he and Greer were the only two who knew where the money was stashed, claiming that Greer took the rest of the money and denied any knowledge of its current whereabouts.

Greer was found guilty on all counts and faced up to 15 years in jail for the conviction.

Following a pre-sentencing investigation, Greer appeared in District Court this week for sentencing.

A representative of Technology Insurance was present and addressed the court, reporting that the insurance carrier suffered a loss of $9,420.19 for false claims of workman’s compensation from Greer. Greer filed the claim after alleging emotional and physical stress from the robbery that was later proven to be a set-up.

Greer’s attorney addressed the court, pointing out that this was Greer’s first conviction. Her attorney added that Greer was a full-time student with two young children, asking for a suspended sentence with a period of probation.

‘This is a very, very serious matter,” said Judge Daniel Mumford before sentencing.

Mumford sentenced Greer to five years in jail with all but one year suspended for the charges of theft and conspiracy to commit theft with three years of supervised probation. For the charge of making a false statement to police officer, Greer was sentenced to six months with all six months suspended, as well as another three years of supervised probation.

Greer was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $49,422 to the Stowaway Grand Hotel as well as $9,420.19 to Technology Insurance.

Taylor faces a jury trial in Circuit Court on July 1.