My Thoughts

My Thoughts

There’s only one way to eat – and that’s slow and steady. Insider is always amazed at what happens at the table when he eats with people for the first time. Some folks (fat guys) slam down their food so fast it’s hard to even imagine they chewed it before they swallowed. Some folks (little women) cut up their entire meal into little pieces and put their knife aside after gently cleaning it because they will not use it and then begin to eat piece by piece, after each bite placing their fork down. Others (truckers) cut their food one bite at a time with their knife always in one hand and fork in the others with napkin on the table. Insider is always the last person to finish his meal. He likes to enjoy what’s been prepared, not simply inhale everything to try and get done everything as quickly as possible. Plus, the doctor says it’s good for the heart and digestive system to be methodical when you eat.

Summer television has begun and it sucks. This is the time of year Insider switches to straight A&E and History Channel. There’s nothing on the major networks anymore worth watching. That is unless you were smart and didn’t watch your favorite show during the winter and can enjoy new episodes this summer. Insider only likes a few shows on television these days. The old guy still likes Law & Order, Cold Case and Without a Trace, and none of them come on at the same time, which is good during the season but bad during this time of year. Those are shows, along with 60 Minutes, he never misses each week. All the new ones are over now so Insider primarily watches Biography on A&E and documentaries on History Channel. The old guy is fascinated by these because he’s long enough in the tooth to have intimate knowledge of most of the subjects featured.

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For instance, the other night Insider watched a biography of Robert Kennedy, and the old guy was extremely interested in politics back then. He was naïve enough to actually believe what the politicians were saying and think they actually meant it. Kennedy was one of those he liked a little bit, despite the fact he was not a member of the old guy’s favored political party. He, of course, felt sorry for him because his brother was killed, but then he went and got himself killed as well to join his brother in heaven. It was interesting to watch this account of his life because Insider followed it closely at the time. On the History Channel, Insider watched a feature on the Bay of Pigs debacle. The old guy was driving a cab around the streets of Philadelphia around the time that happened. That was one of those events that leads to total distrust of all things government by cynics like the Insider. That was the beginning of the old guy’s aversion to politics and led to his disbelief of what most people have to say, especially if they are wearing a tie and on television.