Voices From The Readers

Better Signage A Must In Ocean City


Ocean City’s biggest joke – “Stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. State Law.”

On Baltimore Avenue from 14th to 32nd streets, this is totally ignored by both drivers and police, except for one day each year when only token enforcement with warning citations are issued.

The signs on St. Louis Avenue seem to be very visible and effective. A call to the mayor’s office to suggest that these signs be placed on Baltimore Avenue was referred to “Engineering,” who referred to the police department, who referred it to the mayor’s office, who referred it to “Engineering,” etc.

Another recent call to the mayor’s office concerning the dangerous crosswalks was never returned, even though promised.

There are no traffic lights on this section of Baltimore Avenue, so there is no place to safely cross if the law is ignored.

“Cross at your own risk” would be a useful sign.

Joseph A. Mead, Jr., M.D.

Mayor’s Comments On Meeting Puzzling


What some people don’t seem to understand (some are on the Ocean City Council) is that not only do I respect them as elected officials, but I also pray for all of them everyday. Why? Because they have a very difficult position representing all of us with so many varied backgrounds. They have to make decisions every day which affect all of us.

In part I was taught this by my paternal grandfather, The Honorable James Aloysius McGinniss, who was a United States District Court Judge for the Federal Court in Bankruptcy in New York. This respect due all those who are elected overrides all other concerns I may have as a citizen who speaks out. Whatever my opinion, I have respect for those who have been elected.

Consequently, the remarks of our mayor Rick Meehan, at the close of the council meeting on July 16 confuse me. The subject was the public hearing on June 28 on the proposed expansion of the Ocean City Airport. The mayor said “There was no public hearing, what was asked for was public comment …” The reason why the council was not there, he said “… We are not there to debate …”

Has the decision been made regardless of what the public has as an opinion? If the subject was open for public comment, wasn’t it the responsibility of our elected council to be there and listen to those public comments. After all, they were elected by the public, weren’t they?

In addition, the mayor said it wasn’t a public hearing, yet every local newspaper in coverage of this much discussed issue reported that a public hearing on airport expansion would be held. Furthermore, I asked every reporter covering the council, if they thought the June 28 meeting was a public meeting. They all said yes, and they were confused about the mayor’s remarks. They didn’t understand why he said what he said. Neither did I. Neither did many of whom I have spoken.

Well since he didn’t attend the hearing, how can he understand what the comments on the public were? How can he know? Apparently, that’s not his responsibility or repeating if the decision has already been made, then in his and the council’s mind, what’s the difference? We weren’t there to debate, he said neither was the public. We (16 or 17 speakers) said we opposed the expansion. As elected officials, wasn’t it their responsibility to listen? More than that it was their duty. Doing one’s duty earns respect. That’s what my grandfather and my father taught me. It’s a lesson we all have to learn. let the council know how you feel about that.

Jim McGinniss

Ocean City

Non-Residents Hit Hard By Taxation


I predict Worcester County and Ocean City’s real estate tax base will collapse in a few more years because of over-inflated property values especially for second homeowners.

I purchased Carousel #801 in 1999 for $150,000 for personal pleasure use only. My unit is now assessed for $604,000, 1,200-square-foot oceanfront. The taxes were $1,900 total then, now the taxes are about $5,000 Worcester County and $2,500 Ocean City, total of $7,500 with no use of schools and little use of all other county services, no right to vote and a sales tax and a food tax.

I support Delaware businesses with no sales tax to save a few dollars. My home in Howard County is about 3,600 square feet (three times larger) with an assessment of $450,000, taxes are $5,000 with use of schools and all other county services including the right to vote and a sales tax of 5 percent.

Most of my friends in Howard County have stopped coming to Ocean City because it is cost prohibited. It is almost as cheap to fly to Disney World than drive there and all the other expenses are cheaper. A person can go to the Caribbean cheaper than Ocean City where the water and beaches are much better. Ocean City businesses are failing to cover their high expenses and loss of business to Delaware.

Where has all the money gone? Politicians are spending the money somewhere. When the assessments start coming down and they will, Ocean City will be up the creek without a paddle and will be forced to tax non-residents some other way which will decrease all business in Ocean City even more. Ocean City residents are sticking it to us non-residents. I hope to sell and never come back.

John Rothenhoefer

Ellicott City

Help Appreciation


On Saturday, June 23, I was seriously injured in a horseback riding accident near Route 611. A helicopter flew me to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Although I don’t remember anything that happened on that day and probably never will, I’ve been told about all the people who came to my aid.

I just want to thank those people, most of whom I don’t even know. If they are reading this, I hope they recognize themselves.

I especially want to thank those who have been praying for me – strangers as well as friends. When I recently found out how badly I had been hurt, I realized it’s a miracle I survived. All of your prayers helped give me a second chance. Thank you all so much.

Stephanie Fisher


Lucky For OCBP


How lucky we are to have the special men and women who patrol our beautiful Ocean City beaches.

As summer residents of 116th Street, I’d like to relay a story about an Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguard who lives and works nearby. We only know him as Phil.

A few weeks ago there was a serious accident at the corner of Jamestown Road and Coastal Highway. Phil ran from his apartment and was one of the first people on the scene to help the accident victims. He stayed around until the entire scene was cleared and was very helpful to police and rescue personnel.

This type of selfless behavior is to be commended. Our guards are willing to save lives on and off the beach. Many thanks to Phil and all of the guards who work so hard for the visitors and residents of Ocean City. Don’t forget to thank them when you see them.

Connie Alderfer

Ocean City

AGH To Thank For Recovery


(The following letter was addressed to Atlantic General Hospital President and CEO Michael Franklin.)

I wanted to drop you a quick note to compliment you on the high quality and professional staff at Atlantic General Hospital.

On vacation in Ocean City on July 6, 2007, I was in pain and felt the need to be checked. This was around 1 a.m. Without going into too many details, my husband took me to Atlantic General Hospital.

Not knowing the reputation of the hospital, we were a bit concerned about the quality of care I might receive due to a previous experience at an unfamiliar hospital. 

I can tell you that from the moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable. The care I received from the women who checked me in, to the triage nurse who took my vitals, to the nurses that kept checking up on me, to the nurse who took my blood, to the young lady who did my CT Scan, I could have not asked for a more caring environment. Also, not to leave out the time Dr. Greenwood took explaining in detail, including a drawing of exactly what my medical condition was.

With that all said, compliments to all. With having a second home in Ocean City, I will not hesitate recommending Atlantic General Hospital to anyone.

I’m slowly getting better and have Atlantic General Hospital to thank.

Anne Dippolito

Specific Examples Of Poor Performances


(The following letter represents an open letter to local and Washington politicians.)

We, as a small body of Christian believers, have decided to let you know that we are completely dissatisfied and disgusted with your poor job performance in office.

To be very specific:

– You have talked for years about simplifying the income tax code, yet, you have done absolutely nothing about it but make it more complicated each year causing us taxpayers to pay more and more of our hard earned money and time to professional income tax preparers in order to help us comply and pay our fair share.

– We are disgusted that you, in one way or another, take bribes from lobbyists who have no other interest in the American people except to dig into our pockets for their own and your own self-serving gains. One such case being the recent formulation of the Medicare Prescription Legislation that you passed as written by the pharmaceutical companies, thereby costing us taxpayers billions of dollars more than necessary but providing some of you million dollar salaries with those companies. That was downright arrogant and sinful.

– You keep talking about the illegal alien situation, yet you again do nothing about it. We absolutely do not want illegal aliens in our county but, for self-serving reasons you seem to invite and even encourage them to the extent that you support them with money, schooling and healthcare, which millions of our own poor and middle class do not have or cannot afford.

– We are against any and all partiality afforded to foreigners like entitlements supporting first-time business owners who then take advantage of these entitlements by passing them on to other members of their families.

– We are sick and tired of hearing about how Social Security is broken and will run out of money in just a few years. What in the world are you people doing in office if you can’t tackle the hard problems? Don’t answer, we already know. Passing whatever pork barrel legislation that you can which will thereby help you stay in office the next election.

– When will you start dealing with the moral decline in our society? Instead of sitting on your duffs or working on your next campaign, how about seeing what you can do about same sex marriage, abortion, pornography, a one language society, affordable health care, high real estate taxes, gambling, etc.

We are fed up. Talking about the problems doesn’t cut it. We are dissatisfied and disgusted with your poor performance. We want results, not talk. You had our trust when we put you in office, but most of you have failed miserably and if you don’t start tackling some of these problems you won’t be elected again. We will be watching. May God bless your efforts and may God Bless Ameria.

George Lappe

Libby Lappe

Barbara Wagner

Billy Wagner

John Beach

Mary Easter

John Easter

Eugenia Perdue

Dean Perdue

Myra Freeman

John Freeman

Ocean City

Support Appreciated


This June, for the first time, our community sent an extremely talented group of young lady lacrosse players to the prestigious U.S. Lacrosse Youth Festival in Orlando, Fla.

The Girls U-15 team consisted of 13- and 14-year-olds from Ocean City’s Beach Lax team with a few additional players from Talbot County, Kent County and Wicomico County. The experience provided the girls with a number of unique and wonderful “real life” challenges such as traveling and playing side by side with team mates they may have just met. It also provided an opportunity for the girls to become ambassadors for the Eastern Shore and Ocean City. Rising to the occasion, festival organizers recognized and awarded the entire team for being an “exceptionally friendly and spirited” team.

On behalf of the entire team, coaches and parents, we would like to thank the generous support of the community for enabling all of our players to travel and participate. We would especially like to recognize the support of Tim Gilbert of Beach Lax and the Beach Lax Festival, Bob Musitano of the O.C. Lacrosse Classic, the Ocean City-Berlin Optimist Club, Geoffrey Robbins of Atlantic Dental and the ladies of the Ocean City Optimis. We also thank Ocean City’s Mayor Rick Meehan and Lisa Challenger-Brown of the Worcester County Tourism Bureau for providing our team with Ocean City and Maryland flags, which the girls proudly waved at the Olympic style opening ceremonies.

This tournament was an unforgettable learning experience for these young ladies and we are extremely grateful for the community’s support.

Peck Miller

Kim Hardt

(The writers are the coaches of the U-15 Beach Lax Team.)