Another View On Room Tax Increase

A lot of opinions have been heard in recent weeks over a proposed increase in the Worcester County room tax. In the end, the County Commissioners in Snow Hill have the ultimate say on whether Ocean City can spend some of the revenue raised through the increase on advertising the resort as a destination.We have… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Here’s Hoping For Other Tax ReductionsEditor: It was thought that the appeal would take years, but in record time the State of Maryland granted a reduction in the assessed value of 15 of the Trimper family’s 24 properties, but those that did not see any change were the lots where the amusement rides sit at… Read more »

Thoughts From The Publisher’s Desk

After spending much time on the Boardwalk in recent weeks, I have one overwhelming observance – Ocean City is hosting a tremendous of day-trippers. That’s a general statement, but it’s impossible to quantify precisely. It’s a common sight these days on the Boardwalk, especially around the Inlet, to see families, typically lugging a day’s worth… Read more »

Downtown Carts Need Another Look

Faced with constant complaints from at least one merchant, it was said throughout the summer the carts on Somerset Street will be discussed extensively over the offseason. When those talks take place, there is only one conclusion to make – they should not be permitted unless the operators follow the rules.The only way Ocean City… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Open Container Issue Needs More AnalysisEditor:Due to Ocean City’s circumstances, some of the points made, in favor of decriminalization of open container violations, are valid. After reading both your editorial in The Dispatch and the one in the Worcester Times (as well as a short email conversation with the council president), I am starting to… Read more »

Decriminalize Open Containers In OC

The debate over Ocean City’s approach to open containers has been going on for years, but what makes the most recent discussion so unique is government officials are weighing in and appear to be looking to make a change.If you are walking on public property in Ocean City with an open beer or mixed drink,… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Lifeguard Parking Spots A Good IdeaEditor:Last week I read with interest a letter by Mike Glynn concerning Surf Rescue Technician (SRT) parking. I completely agree with the thoughts in his letter.  There are just a few additional thoughts I would like to add to this debate.These young men and women are to be applauded for… Read more »