Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Stop O’Malley’s Train

This is the time when we all need to say to ourselves what can we do to try and stop this run away tax and spend train known as the O’Malley Express. This train gives no consideration as to what it is doing to the average Marylander as long as its long term objectives of self-promotion can be obtained.

No thought is ever given as to how the possible $4.50-a-fill-up additional taxes is going to affect the average person as long as this money can be used (wasted) on the pet projects. No thought is given as fee after fee is doubled or tripled. No thought is given as he takes and takes our hard earned money to fuel this runaway train.

Then you have to consider what is being done to the average person by the conductor (Mike Miller) and the engineer (Mike Busch). They roll happily along steam rolling over any descent because of the mass majority they have in the legislature. We know there had to be some freshman Democrats who agreed this year with the freshman Republicans but were afraid to speak out because of what could be held against them.

Then you say to yourself what can I one person do to stop this runaway spending.

It’s simple raise your voice and be heard. Call your representatives and say enough is enough we can no longer spend, spend, spend. Write to the papers, call the talk shows for if one does it another will follow until maybe the people in the legislature will hear us and have the guts to stand in front of the train.

Len Bender
Ocean City

Now We Must Speak Up

I know your readers are aware of the debt problem facing our nation. I’m also sure they realize the reluctance of the Congress or President to honestly address the problem. The only solution they always suggest is taxing the rich demanding they pay their fair share. Hopefully most people know that’s not the solution. The rich pay most of the taxes and a large percent of the people pay no income tax at all.

If the government was really interested in reducing the debt, it would look within and try to reduce its spending, the real cause for the increased debt. With that thought in mind, I decided to do a Google search for an index of government departments and agencies. What I found should give each of your readers an indication of just how big government has grown and why it cost so much. There were 554 listed departments and agencies. I didn’t go through the list to look for duplications but understanding the government officials they probably haven’t either.

We the people must require our Congress people evaluate each of these departments and agencies to determine their value and possibly duplication of services to enable them to consolidate as many as possible there by helping to reduce the cost of government and lowering the debt. I suggest you go to the listing and pick out some of the department and agencies and send your list to your Congress persons requesting they evaluate the necessity of each. We can’t allow government to continue to grow without losing our freedom. This is the year to take action or loose the Republic.

You may want to consider joining organizations such as the Tea Party of Worcester County or the AFP (Americans For Prosperity) in order to be kept informed regarding activities directed toward trying to get our country back on the right direction before it’s too late.

Paul St. Andre
Ocean City

Restaurant Will be Missed

Marina Deck Restaurant in Ocean Pines closed its doors on Feb. 19. This will be a great loss not only to the community organizations they have serviced, the organizations they have supported but, to her loyal customers which were far and in between.

Unfortunately, this community has not supported them in return. We are a fickle bunch. I am truly upset that we are losing yet another great place to meet and eat. It boggles my brain, what does a restaurant owner have to do to keep their customers?

Joan Gentile
Ocean Pines

Union Effort Understandable

I understand that we are geographically below the Mason-Dixon Line. It is also evident that there is a plantation mentality arising from some elected city council members with regards to the city employees. These workers want collective bargaining and they deserve to have it.

The employees have a right to fair treatment, protection, job security and peace of mind. As a local tax payer and voter, "give them freedom of choice". After all, we do still live in the United States of America, don’t we?

Priscilla Pennington-Zytkowicz
Ocean City

Protect U.S. Workers

With such high unemployment in the region, I am glad to see that the federal government is at least trying to control the influx of foreign workers who take the few jobs that would mean at least seasonal employment for our own high school and college youth and the currently unemployed adults.

Also, the employers of our region’s seasonal occupations need re-education. I heard the owner of a seafood packing operation say on television that he will have to close up if he didn’t have “international guest workers” at his establishment. Just out of curiosity, I went to his place and asked about employment. I was stared at by the office person and told they didn’t think I knew what the job entailed or else I wouldn’t be there requesting a job. They don’t hire Americans.

This mindset has been around for several decades. Over 30 years ago, I had the same sort of experience when attempting to obtain employment picking and packing vegetables here on the peninsula. Why is it that these employers discriminate against local citizens wanting to work and hire foreigners who take the money out of the area by sending it back to relatives in their native countries?

America’s employers should first hire American workers and only after exhausting all possibilities to fill the roster, consider foreigners.

Therese Todd

Angry Yet?

Unemployed? Greedsters at Goldman-Sachs and Bain Capital not only bet on “bundled” mortgages but exported jobs. Now these same jerks neer at Bill Clinton’s 14 new job ideas.

Are you angry that the rich lie in claiming that tax cuts for them produce jobs for you?
Are you angry that corporations now have “personhood” which lets them buy our elections?
You need Social Security? The rich/corporate deny it’s a pension you’ve paid a lot into.

You a student in big debt? It’s a way the rich/corporate make the middle class weak to keep it meek.

Are you an unemployed vet who’s been stoplossed or tricked into medical care that isn’t?
Do you suspect the rich/corporate push wars as welfare programs for large corporations?
Are you a minority person? Do you suspect the rich/corporate aid and abet bigotry to divide us 99%?
Angry that the SEC shredded evidence of AIG, Lehman and G-S roles in Great Depression II?

Angry that the rich/corporate give congressmen secret, inside, illegal tips for good bets on Wall Street?

Angry that the rich/corporate plot to suppress five million votes by the young, old, poor and minority?

These questions sound like you? Join OWS. If you can’t join, cheer from the sidelines. Serve or finance meals in church basements. Write letters to editors. Wear 99% badges.

Scott Olsen is back. When police raided Occupy Oakland on Nov. 14, one of their projectiles, likely a teargas canister, fractured his skull. His speech will take months to become fluent but he’s out of the hospital. Listening, all you big mayors and campus chiefs?

Listening, all you rich and corporate? No more Mayor Daley. No more teargas, billyclubs or pepper spray. OWS is now in 100 cities/colleges. The 99% are 300 million potential occupiers. And many new sites — like banks and their foreclosed homes — wait to be occupied.

James A. Hoage
Severna Park