Adventures In Fatherhood

Introducing my kids to something new tops my list of fun things to do, and last weekend provided a few unique opportunities to do just that. Here’s a little recap:One of the great aspects of living in Berlin is being within walking distance to just about everything, including the annual Christmas and Little League parades.Last… Read more »

Adventures in Fatherhood

Beckett made his first Facebook status update last month.That’s right, he’s quite technologically savvy for a kid a month shy of his third birthday.When we received our iPad around Christmas, neither Pam nor I could have imagined how much Beckett would love it. Of course, it wasn’t a huge surprise that he would want to… Read more »

Adventures In Fatherhood

Venturing into my kids’ rooms late at night is a great way to end a day.Usually by the time their bedtime rolls around (8 p.m. in our house, no negotiations), all the signs have presented themselves that they are ready to crash.A little crankiness and wide mood swings usually are present with Beckett (who turns… Read more »

Adventures In Fatherhood

Elephants scare the daylights out of Beckett, and we have no idea why.This fear surfaced when Beckett was a baby and does not appear to be something that’s fading away as he gets older.We learned of this extreme trepidation when he was just a few months old. One day, he was watching Baby Einstein in… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

“Many parents have gone through this, it’s no big deal.”That’s what I was thinking to myself, as I sat in the waiting room with Pam at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Tuesday for what seemed like a lifetime.Our youngest son, Carson, was undergoing several outpatient surgical procedures, each of which was labeled routine by… Read more »