Berlin Police Investigate Thefts From Vehicles

Berlin Police Investigate Thefts From Vehicles
The Berlin Police Department this week shared photos like the one above of subjects entering unlocked vehicles.

BERLIN– Residents are reminded to lock their vehicles as police are investigating several recent thefts from unlocked cars.

Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing said his department this week is investigating more than a dozen thefts from vehicles that occurred during the last two weekends. While the police have leads, he encourages anyone who thinks their vehicle might have been tampered with to reach out to police.

“We’re quite certain there are some people that did not report it because the items taken were not of great value or because nothing was taken,” Downing said. “We ask everyone to call the police, even now, so we can track where the individuals have been.”

According to Downing there were thefts from vehicles in Berlin in the areas of Bay Street and Maple Avenue in the early morning hours of Saturday, Aug. 5, and July 29. The department shared images from home security cameras on Facebook this week after police interviewed about 20 victims, some of whom had multiple vehicles entered. Downing said there were 14 to 18 reported thefts from vehicles and five reported tampering with vehicle cases. In those instances, residents noticed things like a car light on or door open but didn’t find anything missing.

The items taken included money, purses, credit cards and other valuables.

“All the vehicles we’re talking about we presume to be unlocked,” Downing said.

He said video footage shows the suspects glancing into cars and quickly opening doors. During the incidents, no damage was reported to the exterior of the cars, as the suspects were simply pulling handles looking for unlocked doors.

“It’s really quick,” Downing said. “Many of the items were readily available inside these vehicles.”

He said the footage from home cameras has been helpful and police have leads.

“We have several persons of interest,” he said.

As the investigation continues Downing urges residents to lock their vehicles and not to leave anything valuable in their vehicles.

“We’re also advising them to keep their homes well lit, especially where their cars are,” the chief said.

And while several victims told police they didn’t expect crime in Berlin, police remind residents that crimes like thefts from vehicles happen everywhere in the country.

Citizens are urged to call police anytime they see anything suspicious.